Trip To The Florida Museum of Natural History Picture: Front Entrance of the Florida Museum of Natural History

Mastodon at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature on Display

The fossil exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History was very interesting and appealing. To be able to look back over millions of years of history and how the planet has changed over time and different specifies have come and gone with different time periods was fascinating. The design of the exhibit was particularly appealing. The exhibit walked you through time starting you off long long ago during the "age of fish" in which nearly all life lived in the ocean to the age where most dinosaurs had been killed off and mammals were the predominate type of life of earth. This walk through history was very interesting, just to see how the natural world has changed over time. This exhibit was unique in representing the natural world in that by showing different species and different paths of evolution over a span of millions of years it showed how precise and wondrous the evolutionary path of nature was. I was able to see the might of nature up close in the fossils. The ability to discover and learn about the natural world and to see depictions of what the world looked like in ages past made the museum enjoyable.

North American Mammoth at the Florida Museum of Natural History
A Calusa Midden at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature and Ethics

The idea of ethics with the natural world is an important one. The Calusa were able to use their natural environment without abuse or stress to the natural ecosystem. Through their fishing and complete use of everything that they took from nature they were able to mitigate and minimize their environmental impact. Through this exhibit and the connected exhibit that discussed fishing on Florida's Golf Coast the Florida Museum of Natural History was able to show ways that we can better make use of the natural world so that it is not exhausted. Through this exhibit I was able to connect with the idea of a sustainable use of my surroundings. These exhibits helped to instill an idea of ethics with our environment through the idea of not wasting what the earth gives and using what we take sustainably.

Gulf Fishing Exhibit and Calusa Fishing exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History
Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature and the Human Spirit

The atmosphere of the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit took visitors to a different place. It took visitors to a place full of magnificently colored insects flying around, waterfalls flowing, and beautiful flowers and tress growing all around. This provided the optimal distraction to pull visitors away from their ordinary technology filled lives and took them to a place where they could enjoy the raw essence of nature and explore its wonder and beauty. Through this exhibit the Florida Natural History Museum allowed visitors to explore and appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world.


Burke Findley

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