Edgar Allan Poe By: Makyia Claiborne

5 Interesting facts: He published in 1845,is considered the best- known poems in American

Poe went to the University of Virgian in 1826, where he excelled in his classes of his costs.

He returned home only to face another personal seat-his neighor and fiance Sarah Royster had become engaged to someone else.

Frances Allan was dying of tuberculosis, but by the time he returned to Richmond she had passed away.

Poe published a second poetry collection Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems in 1829.

3 Important works : 1 Edge Allan Poe was 19th centry American author and poet. His most famous poem," The Raven" begins with the often quoted line."

2 Another of Poe's macarbe creations is " The Masque of the Red Death" this short story follows Prince Procesco, who is trying to avoid.

3. Edge Allan Poe evocative short Stories an poems captured the imagaination and interest of readers around the world. Some aspects of his life, life his liture , is shrounded in mystery, and the lines between fact and fiction have been blurred.

Quote: A Dream

My Respond: In visions the dark night , I have dreamed of joy departed - but a waking dream of life and light , Hath left me broken - hearted


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