1804 Australian convict revolt By Nathan Evers

The Castle Hill Rebellion was not a revolution it only had one of the three different aspects that make a revolution a revolution. It had a political reason no social or economic. It only lasted a few days so there is not much about it,

What it was and what happened: The Castle Hill Rebellion of 1804 was a rebellion by convicts against colonial authority in the Castle Hill area of the British colony of New South Wales. The rebellion culminated in a battle fought between convicts and the colonial forces of Australia on 5 March 1804 at Rouse Hill, dubbed the Second Battle of Vinegar Hill after the first Battle of Vinegar Hill which had taken place in 1798 in Ireland. It was the first and only major convict uprising in Australian history suppressed under martial law.

On 4 March 1804, according to the official accounts 233 convicts led by Philip Cunningham (a veteran of the Irish Rebellion of 1798, as well as mutiny on the convict transport ship Anne) escaped from a prison farm intent on "capturing ships to sail to Ireland". In response, martial law was quickly declared in the Colony of New South Wales. The mostly Irish rebels, having gathered reinforcements, were hunted by the colonial forces until they were stopped on 5 March 1804 on a hillock nicknamed Vinegar Hill. Under a flag of truce, Cunningham was arrested and troops charged and the rebellion was crushed by a raid. Nine of the rebel leaders were executed and hundreds were punished before martial law was finally revoked a week after the battle.

It only Had a Political reason which is why they called it a revolt and not a revolution The convicts only wanted to restart the revolution in their country. Since that is what the prisoners were imprisoned for and they wanted to restart it.

Social: There was none they wanted to restart their revolution, That probably had a social reason but the revolt had none they just stole some ships and tried to sail into Ireland and then instantly got crushed

Economic: Just like social reasons economic reasons are non existent, like I said before they stole some ships then set up camp near south wales then got destroyed. An example that is pretty good is nothing because in the end this rebellion was nothing more that a failed jail break.

Guy in tan jacket: "Calm down dude it was just a prank!"



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