Ben Who aM I?


Ben was born on January 17, 2001. He was brought into the world at North York General Hospital and was just 6 blocks away from his humble abode. Born in Canada, but hes been more places in the US. He has been to Vermont, Florida, New York, New Jersey. He has only been in 2 Provinces in Canada, Ontario and Quebec. Toronto has been and will be his home for a long time. Ben lives in a very inactive area. So much so that someone made a video on how inactive the subway station is. He has been a few different places in the USA such as; Vermont, Florida, New York, New Jersey. He has only been in 2 Provinces in Canada, Ontario and Quebec. Here's that video I was talking about.

Toronto Lakeshore


When Ben was a strapping young lad just experiencing the worlds many fruits of life. He discovered music. Throughout his life Ben has been interested in many different music genres. But his favorite have to be Rap and New Age Rap. I wont link the music I listen to because it is too vulgar and inappropriate for school use.

Butch Dawson

Lil Pump



$uicide Boy$



Ben has always had a love for movies. He first started by watching Disney movies when he was young but started watching a plethora of movies, not just animated. His favorite movie genera is comedy and his favorite movie ever is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Favorite Movie Snack


As early as I can remember, I have been playing hockey at Cummer Park Community Center. My whole life I have played on the Hillcrest Summits, creating friends and bonds that can still never be broken.

Cummer Park Hockey Arena


During my spare time I like to produce and create music with and without my friends. I have been making music for a while now and am getting better. The music sometimes may be explicit but that's just music. I release my music on Sound Cloud, and most of what I upload is deleted because I'm always getting better.

Sound Cloud Logo
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Ben Earl Haig


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