What is NZ culture? By Trixy cain

Nz culture to me is the little things that make kiwis kiwis.


Food is a big part of what makes new Zealand new Zealand. The most known foods that belong to New Zealand are pavlova Fish and chips, cookie times and L & P

A famous Kiwiana food is Pavlova (pav).

marmite and spaghetti are also quite popular


Many tourists come to New Zealand to see our famous landmarks, particularly mountains and lakes, for example Mt Cook. There are also statues such as the Paoroa landmark.

Mt cook
Auckland sky tower
paoroa bottle


Kiwiana makes up a huge part of NZ culture. The buzzy bee, gumboots and jandals are all kiwiana things

Native Animals

Hector Dolphin


Kate Sheppard gate woman the right to vote
the treaty of Waitangi


The all blacks are one of the best rugby teams in the world. They are world famous and are a big part of Nz culture

Famous New Zealanders



Stan Walker
Lord of the rings


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