Analysis is at the heart of what Locate does. We are looking for people who want to develop their analytical skills for social good in real-world challenges. You will have the unique opportunity to work with leading specialists in the field of intelligence analysis and use state-of-the-art technologies to collect and interpret information. This is vital in our aim to support police and families through the development of a cold case system for long-term missing and unidentified people.

Many of our volunteer analysts and reviewers join us without specific technical knowledge or experience; they bring with them a passion for learning and a determination, never to give up on a problem. You will join an experienced team where you can develop your talent while helping us to create a cold case system for missing and unidentified people.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far to help police and families with reviews of long-term missing and unidentified people. There is much more we can do to support the challenge of reviewing nearly 5,000 missing and unidentified people in the UK and many thousands more across the globe whose cases remain unsolved.

Analyse is part of our development work supporting the International Cold Case Analysis Project. This is a unique collaboration between Locate International, the Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN-MP), AMBER Alert Europe, the Police Academy of Lower Saxony, and several British and Australian Universities. Besides enabling teams to establish a close link between theory and practice, and to develop analytical skills specific to cold case reviews, the participants' ultimate aim is to support police and families across Europe at no cost to them.

We look forward to sharing more information about Analyse and the development of a cold case system for missing and unidentified people at the 5th International Conference for Missing Children and Adults July 2021.

We are pleased to bring together a highly experienced team to lead the development of Analyse in collaboration with Chorus Intelligence.

Raymond Todd MSyl

Raymond Todd MSyl

Ray has a wealth of knowledge and operational experience at high level in the field of military and law enforcement spanning over 32 years. Aa a senior intelligence analyst Ray led teams conducting operations against criminal organisations in the UK, Spain, Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East. His work has been instrumental in tracking criminals involved in drugs, illegal firearms, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation, resulting in successful prosecutions. One of his specialisms is around the use of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the intelligence community. He retired from law enforcement in 2019. He is an accredited practitioner and trainer with national and international clients. He holds membership of the Security Institute and of the Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts.

Ray has successfully completed numerous academic qualifications within his specialism of OSINT, intelligence, and dark web investigations. He has an advanced diploma in Intelligence Management (University of Ulster), a diploma on security management and is currently completing his BSc (Hons) Criminal Justice thesis on OSINT operations within a lawful framework, accountability and the proportionality test.

Ray is a qualified trainer on OSINT and its applications. Recent courses include and OSINT Investigations for Human Rights course for Amnesty International and a dark web investigations course for Ulster University. Ray is a keen advocate of promoting the responsible use of OSINT to progress training development and establish qualifications for investigators. He has been actively involved in steering groups to ensure the professionalism of the digitalisation of law enforcement within the UK. Ray designs and delivers OSINT courses, mentoring students on OSINT fundamentals through to advanced skills of using the dark web lawfully and safely.

Ray is enthusiastic to utilise his skills to help those missing and their families. He has personal experience with a relative be missing for over 30 years and understands how uncertainty affects families directly.

Dr Maureen Taylor

Dr Maureen Taylor

Maureen has an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a PhD in Criminology where she explored the structure and nature of networks involved in child sexual exploitation. Maureen is currently a Lecturer in Criminology at Glasgow Caledonian University where she teaches policing and forensic criminology, and she is an Associate Lecturer in Criminology at the Open University.

She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Maureen brings with her experience and skills as a practitioner in policing and the criminal justice system. She has worked as a fingerprint officer, crime scene investigator, forensic scientist, accredited financial investigator and criminal intelligence analyst. She has worked with offenders both in prisons and in the community and has coordinated community-based programmes for sex offenders and young people who sexually harm.

Maureen is an active researcher in the fields of child criminal and sexual exploitation and abuse, police and community responses to sexual violence and domestic abuse, and the use of social network analysis in networked crime. She is an accredited trainer delivering training to professionals in child sexual exploitation, online sexual exploitation, and tackling violence in teenage relationships.

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson

Steve is a former Detective Inspector with extensive law enforcement and programme management experience both in the UK and internationally. Before joining the police, Steve worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with a posting to Bahrain.

Steve has led the implementation and development of intelligence teams within general police roles, serious and organised crime, counter terrorism and cyber-crime. This also included a key role in the implementation of the first policing unit in the world to specifically investigate online terrorist offences. A key element of this was working with the online industry around the removal of unlawful material.

Steve was most recently appointed as the SO15 CT Investigations Adviser to Pakistan as the technical expert around investigations on a FCO funded programme. There he worked to develop human rights compliance and to improve the investigative ability of local CT policing in parallel with prosecutors and judiciary to deliver an improved criminal justice outcome. Steve was staff officer to the National Coordinator Prevent and worked collaboratively with stakeholders to identify key areas for improvement and then to develop a delivery strategy that ensured the embedding of best practice in the local context.

Steve was responsible for leading the amalgamation of communications data, forensic analysis and digital investigations into one cybercrime unit, and for all subsequent operational and investigative activity. Steve is an accredited senior investigating officer (SIO) and was responsible for the management of force-wide serious crime investigations whilst being the on-call SIO.

Sylvia Stewart

Sylvia Stewart

Sylvia joins the team as an experienced intelligence analyst. Her career history includes dynamic intelligence and justice work; investigation, end-to-end management of large scale projects, and delivering recommendations to inform both operations and strategy. She is passionate about proactive identification and mitigation of safety and security risks, organisational intelligence gaps, and maintaining currency with emerging trends. Sylvia has over a decade of experience working with large data sets and intelligence data software platforms, including development of user guides, training, and troubleshooting a national level.

After the completion of a Bachelor of Criminology and a Bachelor of Alcohol and Drug Studies, Sylvia began her frontline career as a mental health clinician, specialising in high-risk offenders and co-morbidities. Moving to the Ministry of Justice, Sylvia developed and piloted New Zealand’s first specialty Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court, where she provided expert advice drawn from legal, scientific, health and population data sets.

Sylvia first brought her background in behavioural profiling and offender risk-assessment to the intelligence community as an analyst in the prison service. Her specialty areas included the identification of grooming and violent behaviours in serial sexual offenders, and extremist radicalisation in custody.

Currently working as Senior Analyst in global security, Sylvia specialises in intelligence and crisis mobilisation across Europe, Middle East and Africa; conducting threat assessments, providing critical advice, and managing large scale data analysis. She also regularly recruits, trains and mentors junior analysts.

Martin 'Lionel' Blair

Martin ‘Lionel’ Blair

Better known by the nickname ‘Lionel’, awarded to him on the first day of his Police career; today his family, friends and extensive network of colleagues only know him as Lionel and he hopes you will feel comfortable using it too.

Lionel is a former British Police Officer with over 30 years of law enforcement and management experience, specifically accomplished in risk management and operational security, as well as having a proven track record in directing investigations into the highest echelons of serious and organised criminal groups.

Lionel’s law enforcement career began as a Constable with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, before quickly developing his investigative skills to become a Detective in the South West Regional Crime Squad. Upon promotion, he transferred to the National Crime Squad as a Detective Sergeant. He became an accredited Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), leading Serious and Organised Crime Investigations in the UK and overseas, as well as coordinating covert operations as a specialist National Surveillance Trainer and Surveillance Commander. In 2007, he transferred to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and became the Operations Manager of the Branch Intelligence and Operations Tactical Support Unit.

In 2013 he moved to Guangzhou, Peoples Republic of China, as the National Crime Agency International Liaison Officer for South China. Covering Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Lionel was responsible for coordinating intelligence exchanges and tactical operations between UK and Asia Pacific Law Enforcement agencies, alongside his diplomatic duties as a member of Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Corp.

Lionel provides expert advice based on his experience as an SIO directing criminal investigations against international organised crime groups involved in drugs and firearms trafficking, financial crimes, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, as well as many other serious crimes such as murder and kidnaps. Having lived and worked throughout the Asia Pacific, he brings a vast network of contacts and first-hand experience of the sensitivities of working within this culturally and politically diverse region.

Natasha Faust CSyP

Natasha Faust CSyP

Natasha specialises in people risk, complex research, investigations and due diligence. A particular area of focus is bringing innovative use of technical and human analytical expertise to security and intelligence practices.

As Co-Founder at Kiris Group, Natasha leads data projects and investigations, coordinating both desk-based open-source intelligence and physical intelligence collection. She regularly works on trend analysis and assessment products, as well as tasks aiming to locate individuals via online sources.

She has worked for military and government organisations in both the UK and abroad. Having worked in areas including CT and serious and organised crime, she brings a distinct blend of strategic and operational experience.

A Chartered Security Professional (CSyP), Natasha has a master’s degree in Science & Security and accreditations including PIP2 Investigator, Intelligence Analysis, Advanced Open Source, Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics.

Ray Parker MSyl

Ray Parker MSyl

Ray comes to the team as an experienced intelligence development manager with over 30 years of experience within UK law enforcement. For more than 20 years he played an integral role in the development of covert police tactics and the management of intelligence within serious and organised crime investigations. Between 2007 – 2016 Ray worked as an Intelligence manager for the South-West Counter terrorism unit, overseeing the investigation and development of intelligence working alongside external agencies in managing national & regional terrorism & domestic extremism threats.

Upon retiring from the police service in 2016, he was asked to return to CT policing for his knowledge and experience in developing policy & best practice, taking up a consulting role for the National Counter Terrorism Police Operations Centre working with the Home Office preparing key strategic policies and operational guidance for UK CT policing. In his spare time working in London, he studied for his foundation degree in Security Management and has been accepted as a member of The Security Institute.

Our technology partner - Chorus Intelligence

Our team uses technology provided by Chorus Intelligence to aid our work on missing person cold case investigations.

Chorus is a trusted supplier of digital intelligence and investigation software to law enforcement and public safety organisations. Their technology is used by most police forces in the UK including the NCA and the Home Office to fight conspiracy-based and digitally enabled crime such as fraud, county lines drug dealing, terrorism, economic crime, and human trafficking.

Their suite of products enables every aspect of a digital investigation to be conducted as efficiently as possible. For the ‘Analyse’ section of our investigative process, this means being able to search for, combine, and connect many different data types such as call data records, device downloads, and open-source data. Using their advanced analysis tools to visualise data using maps, association charts, and reports to generate insights and lines of enquiry for our team to pursue.