My week of 7 days by:Quetzalli Cayetano

DAY 1: Me and my friend Alivia went too the Women's Club of Bakersfield's Art & Photography contest.

DAY2: My mother is making dinner for the family and i was talking too her about my trip from CSUCI . She was making salsa on egg and tortillas.

DAY 3: My uncle comes from work tired and my sister comes too comfort him because that's his favorite uncle and he always come tired from work.

DAY 4 : My siblings are walking too church we live right in front of Riverview church getting ready too go !

DAY 5 : Sitting in the room waiting too do homework with my brother and sister while he sits down too tell us about his's day.

DAY 6: My mom was being silly while i was trying too do something on my phone there isn't a day my mom doesn't make me laugh.

DAY 7: I was able too work that whole day that Sunday like i do every Sunday through the whole week for 8 hours and then after a long day i go right too sleep .

Created By
Quetzalli Cayetano


Created with images by deBurca - "Flowers"

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