A Boudoir Experience Photography by keana Parker

Everything you need to know about your Boudoir Experience.

Hello dahling... My name is Keana Parker and I am a boudoir photographer. I believe that boudoir is for every woman and every body. My medium is photography, my essence is self love and empowerment. Through light and shadow, I strive to capture my subject's raw emotion. They dare to allow me to strip away their layers of fear and insecurities. It's through this journey of self discovery, that my passion and drive blend together forming the artist you see before you.

A journey of Self discovery

I believe that boudoir is a way for women to empower themselves through images created in a way that is tantalizing, seductive and confident. I want women to fall in love with herself every time she looks at her images. It works wonders for your self esteem and a great reminder that you are one fierce female.

Let us change the way you see yourself.


The Booking Process

To reserve a date for your boudoir experience with Photography by Keana Parker, a session fee and a signed contract is required. Once complete, you are officially booked! Now comes the really fun part! I will then send over a fun questionnaire to get a better understanding of what you're looking for. We will discuss all the juicy details during our phone consultation. You will also receive a link to your very own Boudoir Prep Guide to help prepare you every step of the way, a packing list so you don't forget anything and a super informative lingerie guide to help you with your outfits. <3

The Day of Your Session

On the day of your session, you will arrive at my studio fresh faced and rested. Sessions are held Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Friday and start at 10am. When you arrive, we will start with introductions between you and my team, layout your outfits, grab a mimosa and then get you into hair & make up! Your final look includes a pair of lashes.

When your hair & make up is complete and you approve it with my beauty team, it's time to finalize wardrobe! We will first go through the outfits that you have brought with you. Once we find the outfits you love, we will narrow down them down for your final 3-4 outfits. You'll also have access to our client closet which ranges from sizes XS - 2XL. Don't forget to accessorize your outfits with high heels or jewelry!

Check out the before and afters...

Your very own boudoir experience: the session

Are you ready to give yourself the ultimate gift? I invite you for a day of luxury and pampering. I am here to guide you through this journey with confidence and love. Every client before you has felt nervous and by the end of their shoot, they feel like a rockstar! Trust me, nerves are normal. Everyone gets them. I will pose you EVERY step of the way from your head to your toes. The most important thing you can bring to your session is confidence. Confidence is sexy. It reminds you that you are beautiful as you are right now. I promise that after a few. minutes in front of the camera, you will find your rhythm and everything will be super fun with lots of energy and mood-boosting sexiness!

Your Image Reveal & Design Appointment

In 2 weeks, your images will be ready to view! I invite you back to the studio to watch a slideshow that might change your life. I will have the BEST images ready to view and select the products that best display your images. When paid in full, your products will be ordered and delivered within 3 to 4 weeks.

Dare to be bold?

Boudoir Session - $400

Your session fee includes the following:

  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • A 90 minute photo session at my private photography studio
  • Professional guidance and posing throughout your session
  • Signature editing on all of your images
  • An Image Reveal & Design Appointment
  • The experience to be a model for the day!

* products and images sold separately

Wall Art, Heirloom Boxes, Albums and more!
What are you waiting for?

Products and Pricing Guide

Pricing begins at $500. Clients typically spend $1,800 - $2,300. Let's choose the products that are right for you! All sales are final and non-refundable.

PayPal Credit & Payment Plans

Photography by Keana Parker's Boudoir Experience is an empowering experience. We offer women a chance to honor themselves and their bodies. This investment is backed by beautiful images and products. Since every client's budget is different, I make it easier for you to book a session by offering PayPal credit as well as payments through me (schedule an in-person consult to discuss further). Paypal credit allows you to get everything you want with easy payments plans made for you! They offer no interest and no payments for 6 months. Paypal Credit allows you to pick up your products as soon as they arrive! Are you ready to invest in yourself? See if you qualify below...it only take a few seconds!

Payment Plans offered by Photography by Keana Parker

If you are not approved by PayPal Credit, you still have the option of doing a payment plan through us:

  • A minimum deposit of $100 is needed on the day of your image reveal and design appointment.
  • Payment plans are split into equal payments up to 6 months for any order.
  • Orders over $3,000 are eligible for up to 12 month payment plans.

Please note: NO products will be ordered until your last payment is completed

Are you ready to book your boudoir session?

Allow me to capture your most intimate self. If you are ready to book, email me at keana.parker@gmail.com

Check out my VIP Boudoir Group on Facebook. A place for women only to inspire and empower each other. Be the first to hear about boudie calls and events. Follow the link below to join.

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