Happy Globe Foundation takes immense pride and pleasure by introducing a visionary venture for youngsters to promote mental health and awareness through music, art, motivational speeches, artist shows and social innovation. We would like to build an unprecedented everlasting relationship with you, for creating a better world focused on our visionary cause. Our mission is to build a happy and healthy world where mental health assistance from experts and counselors is available by a 24 x 7 Helpline Assistance Number to every individual through our platform. In the initial phase, our mission is to promote our vision among youngsters by actively engaging in educational institutions through discussions and events.

Our project will impact a crowd of more than 4 million youngsters which includes people associated with our targeted institutions, NGOs and other organizations through our activities. Our relationship with associated organizations will cater the need to form a mass platform with a social impact. We will promote all our events in association of our partners at Educational Institutions, NGOs, Corporate houses and etc. through conferences, workshops and all the events of our associates.

Happiness, a Giggle with Glitter on it!
Our Initiatives
  • Drug Free Campuses.
  • Fight against depression.
  • Stop Drug and Alcohol Abuse.
  • Art of healthy living.
  • Providing mental health assistance 24 x 7
  • Strong Network of NGOs across Globe especially India.

We aim to associate our cause with Medical Institutions, Corporate Houses, NGO’s, Educational institutions, Artists, Motivational Speakers, Celebrities who wish to work for youngsters and with young minds in supporting and creating Inspirational Happy Globe stories of happiness, dreams and aspirations of global community.

Innocence is Happiness

We aim to create a support system of happiness movement across globe and create a strong network chain by organizing personalized events, Campus Musical Concerts, Corporate training for happy work culture and Talk/Discussions/Dialogue by Health Experts.

We aim to organize Happy Globe Music Festival in each and every campus associated with higher and quality education including IITs, IIMs, Amity University, L.P.U., O.P. Jindal Global University etc. with the cause associated with it. We will collaborate with major open festivals such as Jaipur Literature Festival, Grub Fest Delhi, Comic-con Delhi and etc., to connect to our visionary cause to promote Happiness. Our target for the first year is to establish the base of our initiative and idea and to highlight it in the masses. We are in a process to collaborate 500 different Industries, Corporate Houses, NGOs, and Institutions etc., who will help and support us to lead this mass movement of promoting our motto for happy life. Our association with more than 500 artists will help us in promoting our motto through music, art and culture. We will be promoting happiness with different concepts of life like comedy, craziness, dance, music, art and motivational talks by creating many other interesting tasks. We will be utilizing all the available resources with various NGOs and by potentially connecting with them we can reach the masses in order to ensure that people are getting information of all social activities of our associated NGOs.

Principal Objective for the Visionary Cause

  • To work for mental health
  • To work for “fight against depression”
  • To promote sports, cultural and creative activities like Zumba, sports in schools and music concerts.
  • To promote the idea and philosophy of happiness.
  • To create awareness against drug and alcohol abuse
  • To form a strong group of all current NGOs of the country and support each other in resource management.
  • To develop more social entrepreneurship program and execute it.
Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years. - Ausonius

Our first mission is to aim 200 University/College Campuses and schools across India, where we will organize Happy Globe Festival for mental Health Awareness. These campuses will be tagged as “Happy Campus”. Under the tag of “Happy Campus”, we plan to organize an event where our vision is promoted through Music, sports and inspirational talks. By creating a community supported by Corporate Houses, Institutions, Artist, NGOs, Motivational Speakers, recreational activity instructors, Entrepreneurs and visionary personalities, we want to make everlasting impact among youngsters by creating huge impact on their surroundings.

  1. Happy Globe will provide a platform to the NGOs, Artists, Corporate Houses and other various Organizations to use all its available resources to promote their product, cause and services.
  2. Happy Globe will showcase the logo and banners of its associates and partners on its official website, social media platforms, promotion of concerts in college fests, corporate events and various other eventualities and affairs of such organizations.
  3. Happy globe will provide a platform to associated NGOs through which they can easily and cost-effectively promote their cause across the globe.
  4. Happy globe will deliver a platform to cooperate houses where they can efficiently promote their products and services including new business models.
  5. Happy Globe will connect with all its associated organizations which will ensure that the masses are well informed and conversant about all the social activities of those organizations.
Deliverables for Sponsors
  • Recognition as the Title Sponsor, Co-sponsor or event sponsor.
  • Recognition on our Website, Radio and Social Media Platforms.
  • Offline promotion through branding, flexes, standees and posters.
  • Dedicated Pamphlets and pages.
  • Dedicated gate/arch for sponsors.
  • Sponsor Logo on event merchandise and volunteer t-shirts.
  • Mention as sponsor during the events.
  • Dedicated Kiosks at key locations during an event.
  • Dedicated promotional event.
  • Display of logos on the LED screen and regular announcements.
  • Screening of dedicated ads and promotional videos.
  • Opportunity for the sponsor representative(s) to meet star artist.
  • Representation of sponsor's officials during the ceremonies of the events.
  • Dedicated hospitality point of contact for the representative(s).
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