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This image is a picture of five brothers and sisters, the Ferrans Family. I was asked by their mum Shell to do a family portrait of the children with their new little sister. The ages of the children are 7, 3,2, 1 and the newborn baby was about a week old. I met their mum through my photography course as she was at college also doing hairdressing. Shell was involved in the MUA and Hairdressing competitions that Ayrshire college takes part in every year with all the other Scotland colleges. I was lucky enough to take part in the competitions in a Photography capacity and this is how I got to know the kids mum. The most difficult part of doing this photoshoot was trying to get all the children to interact at the same time with them being so young. Their mum had the idea of getting their attention by blowing the bubbles and I got some good images of them doing this. This was a verbal agreement with no written evidence to show.

The equipment used was my Nikon D5300 and my 50mm prime lens. I used a backdrop with one speed light and softball. My settings were 1/200 f8 and ISO 100. I had to put the image into Photoshop and added a Gaussian Blur Layer to hide the wrinkles in the backdrop. The backdrop was quite thin and every time any of the kids moved it wrinkled up.


This image is of a friend’s pet, Eddie. I was practising off camera flash with this one. I set up my speedlight on a stand and used a white umbrella to diffuse the light. Eddie is quite a good subject to take pictures of because he sits very well for the camera. He has a kind of shy look and this comes across in this image. I took this image in my studio at home with natural light also coming in the window. I like the catch lights in his blue eyes from the flash. His owners advised that he isn’t actually that shy and is a very sociable dog and loves people, although this image makes him look very coy. I don’t have evidence of being asked to do this photoshoot as it was a verbal agreement.

I took this image with my Nikon D610 and my 50mm prime lens f1.8. I used an off camera speedlight on a stand with white umbrella to soften the light. My settings were as follows:1/200 f7.1 ISO 100 @50mm. I used a slightly faster speed of 1/200 to compensate incase Eddie moved and I ended up with a picture that was out of focus.

Nicola, Ross and Jack

The image I chose for this outcome is of Nicola and Ross at their wedding inside the Registry Office directly after the ceremony. I really like it because it’s an image of the two of them with their little boy Jack and he’s looking over at Ross. I like taking candid shots and this image is just that. They both turned round and looked at me at the same time with no prompting from me and I was just ready to take the picture at the right time. I like that Ross and his son are wearing matching colours. This image conveys the happiness that was felt all around that day between Ross, Nicola and their guests. I have included correspondence evidence in LO2.

I used my Nikon D610 and 70-200 Sigma lens for most of the images inside the Registry office. I also used my speedlight for some of the pictures. My settings for this picture were as follows: Hand held, 1/125 f3.2 ISO 200 @112mm. There was some natural light coming in from the windows and LED ceiling lights but I had to use my speedlight with bounce diffuser as it was still quite dark in test pictures I took before the ceremony started.

Nicola & Ross's Wedding

This is the second image I chose from Nicola and Ross’s wedding. This is an outdoor image taken with natural lighting. We walked down the stairs onto the paths that run down from the Registry Office and they were lined with trees with all the lovely Autumn colours and leaves on the ground. I like this picture because of the composition and the way the sun is hitting the top of the tree above them and the hedges behind. I also like that Ross has his hand on Nicola’s tummy and he did this because they are expecting their second baby. This was a lovely touch which shows how proud and happy they both are.

I used my Nikon D610 camera and Sigma 70-200 lens for this image. My settings were as follows: 1/100 f4 ISO 200 @175mm. It was a bright sunny day when we took this picture but a little shaded because we were down behind hedges and under the trees. I like the slight bokeh created in the background due to the aperture of f4.

Queen Jean and her loyal subjects

This image is of a friend's relative and her four grandchildren. I've known Jean since I was a teenager and she's had a lot of ill health over the years. She has kidney damage and has to go to hospital four times a week for dialysis. She has also had one of her legs amputated from the knee. I was really happy to do this photoshoot because I know how much her grandkids mean to her and how much they give her a reason to keep going. This shoot was setup in a mutual friends house in the village where Jean lives. The big Santa chair belongs to my friend's husband who plays Santa for charity events at Christmas time every year. It was a lot of fun doing this and I chose a picture of the kids all making funny faces. The kids loved doing the shoot with their Gran and I think it shows that in this picture.

The camera I used for this was my Nikon D5300 with Nikon 18-105mm lens. My settings were 1/125 f8 ISO 100 with a two light setup using white umbrellas to diffuse the speed lights. I used my Christmas snow background.

Angel Mia <3

I was asked to do a Christmas shoot of this little girl Mia and her cousin Sophie. They both wore angel outfits and Christmas dresses for the shoot. I think I captured Mia looking very much like an angel in this image. It's one of my favourite pictures from this shoot. Mia in real life is actually a very boisterous, wild child according to her mum and gran but it's hard to believe that looking at this image. She sat very well and was a natural having her pictures done. This was a verbal agreement between her mum and myself and there is no physical evidence of this.

Nikon D5300 and Nikon 18-105 lens used. I used Christmas snow background scene and 2 speed lights on stands with white umbrellas to diffuse the lighting. We used Christmas props of fake snowballs, reindeer ears and baubles etc to entertain the children during the shoot.

Fun in the Snow

This image is from the Sloan's photoshoot. I was asked to do the images for a friend. This is father and son Andrew and Robert. The Sloan family are always up for some fun and love dressing up for any occasion so I knew it would be fun to do this shoot. We used props during this shoot, which included Andrew and Sharon (Mum/Dad) and Robert their son and Mia and Sophie their two granddaughters. Andrew thought it would be a good idea to use the sledge for this image and I really like the way it turned out. I t shows they love having fun.

Nikon D5300 and Nikon 18-105 lens used. I used Christmas snow background scene and 2 speed lights on stands with white umbrellas to diffuse the lighting. We used Christmas props of fake snowballs, sledge,reindeer ears and baubles etc to entertain the children and adults during the shoot.


This Christmas image that I’ve picked is a granddaughter of someone I know very well, and her name is Bethany. I chose this image because it was a candid shot and she never knew I was taking it. I love the way she is looking up towards the light and I just managed to capture it. I had her and her sister, Isla-Rose in for a Christmas Photoshoot and had my Snow backdrop scene and one speedlight setup all ready for them. Originally I had planned to use my two speedlights but one of them wasn’t working and so only had the use of one. I used a white umbrella with an off camera flash on a stand. The other problem I had was that Bethany was tired as it was now about 2pm and she was ready for a nap. Isla-Rose had just started crawling so we had the added problem of her crawling off from a sitting position. We still managed to get some good shots and just tried to entertain them with the Christmas baubles and props lying around. Bethany was wearing a red Christmas dress and white tights keeping with the Christmas theme. I don’t have any evidence to submit for the proposal of this photoshoot as I know the person and it was a verbal agreement.

The camera I used was my Nikon D610 and my Nikon 50mm Prime f1.8. My settings were as follows: 1/160 f9 ISO 100 @50mm. I used an off camera flash with a transmitter on my camera and receiver on my speedlight on a stand .


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