NBA Awards By: ahmad greaves

Outline. 1. Make a survey 2. Make the questions for the survey 3. Send your survey 10 people 4. Get results from those 10 people 5. Make a video introducing what your making a survey about 6. Write what you are talking about and about the results 7. Final video showing the graph charts and the results

I chose this topic because I love the game of basketball and I especially love the NBA and the players that are in the NBA. Mostly I wanted to really figure out who the real MVP is, but then I thought there is more to the NBA than just the best player in the NBA. Like there are other categories like sixth man of the year, defensive player of the year, rookie of the year, and etc. There are also awards for trophies coaches like executive of the year, or coach of the year. In my survey I also have who is the best three pointer shooter, rebounder, and scorer.

I am really trying to prove what NBA players are best at what they and what NBA player’s best attributes were. My end result was somewhat expected but some were surprising. Even throughout the USA, people say James Harden was going to win MVP. But in my survey, people picked Russell Westbrook was going to win MVP. honestly I would pick him too because he just broke the record for most triple-doubles in a season and his team clinched a playoff spot. We will see in a couple weeks to see who will win MVP!!!!

Once again, there were some surprising votes that I got in my survey that the NBA wouldn’t really agree with. Like sixth man of the year, I didn’t even know Patty Mills until this year and now he is in the nominations for for being the best sixth man of the year. This year though, it looks like definitely Eric Gordon is going to win because he’s been killing it in NBA off the bench. This is literally who all the commentators are talking about. But in my survey, we have a tie between Patty Mills and Eric Gordon. Let’s see who will really win Sixth man of the year in a couple of weeks. But everything else on my survey is pretty accurate.

Thanks for looking at my report. Goodbye!!!!!

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