Willamette Humane Society Food Truck Frenzy May 17, 2019 -- cute dogs galore

Here's a can't miss equation: food trucks + cute dogs + music = FUN

This evening I took our dog, ZuZu, to a Willamette Humane Society Food Truck Frenzy fundraising event. Laurel, my wife, was already there -- having just completed her stint as a WHS dog walker.

Following are photos that I and a neighbor friend, Frank Bobbio, took.

Dogs often greet each other in a mutual butt-sniffing. Nose to nose works also.
Different large dog, same greeting posture.
Absolutely adorable.
Adorable ditto.
ZuZu, our dog, is adorable also -- just in a larger way.
This is Tessa, Frank & Kathy Bobbio's dog. She is waiting for a drip to escape my ice cream cone.
The dog on the left was a shrunken version of our dog in some ways. Tail excepted.
Kathy Bobbio with Caesar, the No Drama Llama.
Lots of people wanted to hug Ceasar
Here's Ceasar and me. Our fur matches.
There were a lot of food trucks at the aptly-named Food Truck Frenzy.
It was tough to decide where to buy my dinner. A grilled cheese on whole wheat won out.
A "child's" vanilla cone was dessert for youthful 70 year old me.
Here's Laurel (my wife), me, Teri (friend), and Kathy Bobbio.
I gave this girl a purple tennis ball that came with the entry donation. Matched her shoes.
I love what pugs do with their tongues. Appealingly weird. Of course, likely I look weird to them.
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Brian Hines

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