Think & Act Climate change. Paula González 4 ESO B

What is the climate change?

It is a significant and lasting change in the local or global patterns of weather the causes can be natural or by humans activity. Secondly, the other important definition is Global Warning. Is a increase of the temperature in atmosphere that were seeing since 19 century. This causes many things. Today I explain why the poles melt?

What is antarctica?

  • 14 million of ice.
  • 60 grades for south.
  • 100.000 kilometres to Africa.
  • Temperatures 58 grades.

Why the poles melt?

The principal cause is the increase of gases that greenhouse effects that results humans activity for example burn carbon,petruleum,etc.This produce many effects:


  • Increase temperatures in northern hemisphere.
  • Floods in rivers,lakes,coasts...
  • Increase see level.
  • Mix of sweet and salt  water.
  • All of water wont be drinkable.
  • Many animals that live there will be die.


  • Reduce factorys.
  • Pay carbon.
  • Reduce vehicles.
  • Use renewable energy.


In 1959 eleven countrys done "Tratado Antartico". The resulst was that a part of poles is a scientific reserve. Spain began in 1981.

For a better world

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