Black History Month MAGGIE REID

Black History Month is the month of Febuary. It celebrates black history the whole month of Febuary.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a very famous man who stood up for African American's rights. His inspiration created one of the greatest movements in history. In the video above is part of his I have a Dream speech in 1963. This was a very famou speech and very important in black History.

Another big time in history was Rosa Parks. She was a big contributor to changing segregation. She got on a bus in 1955 and refused to give up her seat to a white man. She was arrested, but this was a huge move for the civil rights movement.

March on Washington
Brown v Board of education was also a big part of the civil rights movement. In this case there was a little girl who would walk a couple of miles to her school each day to a dangerous route, and there was a school right down the street from her house. The school down the street from her house was an all white school so she could not go. Her parents challenged this right, and that is when schools were starting to become integrated. This changed the way the education system worked from now on.
North Carolina sit ins

The sit ins in North Carolina were also a big move in the civil rights movement. 4 college men went to a restraunt and refused to give up their seats, which cause protoests and a huge movement around the country.

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