El Greco Born 1541 Heraklion, Greece - Died 1614 Toledo, Spain

El Greco spent most of his life as a painter in Toledo, Spain. He played a major part in the Spanish renaissance.
He was trained as an icon painter of the Cretan school, which focused on post-Byzantine art. He is believed to have studied the classics of ancient Greece and Latin classics. He also studied in the studio of Titian He left a collection of 130 books at his death. El Greco was a ideological renaissance man who had many interests and was very knowledgeable for his time.

El Greco was a painter in the Spanish Renaissance. Some of the works he painted are: View of Toledo, Opening of the Fifth Seal and Laocoon.


Opening of the Fifth Seal

View of Toledo

Some of his MANY patrons are: Diego de Castilla, Domingo el Antigua, Colegio de Dona Maria de Aragon. Churches and Monasteries.

The Holy Trinity

Created in 1577, this piece has significance as it is a moving piece of religious art. For the time, it had very intense and unusual colors. The style was very unique and has brilliant emotions on all of the figures. It is also notable as Christ's right arm in the painting is resting on Michelangelo's statue of Lorenzo D’’Medici. The piece is a great example of Idealism. The painting stresses the eternal story of Jesus Christ and depicts the simple answer Christianity gives to life. I know this because of the strong religious presence and serious subject of this piece. The piece focuses heavily on ideology. I find this interesting because this seems to be one of El Greco’s most popular pieces, this intrigued me as it looked very generic and ordinary at first glance. Today the piece can be found in Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.
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