Poverty in America Hunter Schirmer

Dear God,I am praying to you for many others,Can you give food to the hungry,Help the needed,Give the needy transportation, And care for the sick

It made me feel good to be able to share because i was more wealthy. It makes me want to donate to more light house lunch type charity's. i can now see what the less fortunate get. If you got a blue card means you are rich but if you got yellow you were pore. 1in 5 is the chance you can get pore or be pore. When you are pre sometimes you will not get some meals or know where the next meal would come from

Causes of poverty are ,Changing Trends,Country's Economy,Lack of Education and over population.Effects and solutions to poverty are you can not get a fule meal

Letter, Dear President Trump, There are aproximently 47 million people in poverty and I think you can fix it. If we all come together and make more lunches for the people they would be happy and excited because they new where ther next meal would come from. Some people don't get a meal for many days people are starting to live in tents and in small parks. That 47 million people in poverty and growing that 57 million can take up a whole state. WE can fix it by growing the economy and making smaller jobs for them to work some are starting to work on apple orchards for money and there pay is around $12.38 an hour that is not even close to what you make. That is. Little on what is happening in poverty and what we can fix.

Essay, We can live our school theme go make a difference in many ways.Wwe could go make a difference by handing out food to the poverty homeless shelters. Every person can go make a difference by just giving a few dollars to the pore they would probably be very happy and greatfull. We should care for the people in poverty because they might be born into it and cant get out because he doesn't have the edjucation they might have even got into it by the economy, the economy can change allot and send people into debt. That i some ways people get into debt and how we can go make a difference.


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