Music Videos 2016 Your Favourites

The year started in much the same way as it will end, little people exhausted and fast asleep. Now let's watch our favourite music videos.

Susan's track of the year.

Hallelujah - Pentatonix

My Song of the Year

Va pensiero

Benjamin's track of the year

Sheppard - geronimo

Lily's track of the Year

Lights - Elle goulding

David's track of the Year


Michael's song of the year

there will be a time

Robert's song of the year

of monsters and men

Matt's song of the year - for Lily

i love you always forever

Angela's song of the year.

angela really!

Mark's song of the year

human !

Claire's song of the year

by your side

Travis's song of the year

my way

Alex's song of the year

All time low

Gary's song of the year


Dan's song of the year

waka flocka flame

Claudia song of the year

Someone like You

Mika's song of the year

Your song

Happy Christmas and New Year

Merry Christmas to all my far flung family in Australia, South Africa, America, Argentina and the UK.

If you want to read more, my blog is alive and well. Comments gratefully received and always read - here - http://glenmsmith.blogspot.co.uk/

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Glen Smith

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