Data Management Solutions "For success you need to understand your data"

If data is the new oil then Simoda is the refinery

Data is growing at a ridiculous rate, we all know that so we are not going to bore you with statistics you have probably heard before, what I will say is that remember 76% of all statistics are made up !

Simoda data solutions have been designed to achieve positive business outcomes, because when you look at any new solution its all about the end result.


Lack of control & visibility across different clouds

Expensive performance storage

Unpredictable storage costs

High egress & API charges

Vendor lock-in

Lack of enterprise storage features

Simoda Data Management Solutions

Data Virtualisation

Thin provisioning & zero footprint clones across any pubic cloud stack

Intelligent Data Management

Analyse, Move and Access on premise & public cloud data silos

Hot Cloud Storage

Performance object storage 80% cheaper than AWS S3

Consumption Management

Consume public cloud licenses and receive free access to CloudCheckr management tool

Data is everywhere


Significantly reduce data storage costs by up to 80%

Increase public cloud storage performance, up to 10 x faster

Clear visibility of cloud and data estate

Avoid cloud vendor lock-in

Adopt business intelligence

Helping cloud heavy businesses save money & improve performance
We believe that our data management solutions will help our customers achieve more, faster for less money

Daniel Bumby, Managing Director, Simoda Limited

Simoda digital transformation solutions, trusted advisors & opex specialists

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