It is All About Unconditional Love ~ by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar

When I think about love, what comes to mind is this beautiful word, 'Anbu'.

Muruganar Swami, the great poet-saint devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi talks of Him as The Master of 'proper placement'.

Speaking of The Master he says, 'Thayulle Anbu Vaithar', 'Oh Master! In the mother, you have placed love'. Thus when one thinks of a mother, one thinks of love. But, what kind of love? The kind that is absolutely unconditional, without expectations, is completely giving and is all engulfing.

The beauty of this Anbu, a mother's Anbu in particular , is something that is greatly empowering , and it is not about one's biological mother alone - while the biological mother is the first mother of a person, a person also has several 'mothers' apart from their biological mother.

'Janani janmabhumischa swargadapi gariyasi'

In the Ramayana, Sri Rama says to his brother Lakshmana, 'The biological mother and the country of our birth are higher than heaven'

We have a mother in the Janmabhoomi, we have a mother in Prithvi - the earth , we have a mother in Prakrthi (Nature). They engulf us all with their unconditional love. What is it that we must give back to them? We must give them love , of course, and , respect , and we must follow the path shown by them.

That said, there is a 'mother' in every individual. Where there is love, there is motherhood. That is why it is said 'Thayulle Anbu Vaithar......Anbile , Thaayai Vaithar', every individual has the responsibility to engulf everyone they come in contact with unconditional love - love , that is not restricted in any way by gender, learning, status or economics , but is connected in the Heart Space.

So, become love. Enjoy the beauty of motherhood within. Understand the grandness of motherhood , the all-encompassing nature of love , and be that love.

Note: As Mother's day falls in the month of May , We bring to you this tribute to Motherhood from The Director's Desk.

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