Impact of The Great Depression By: Destiny Hagan

As I was walking downtown I could feel the wind blow over my skin. All the holes in my clothes allowed me to see the goosebumps appearing over my arms and legs. Trying to ignore the chills, I continued to try and get as much food as possible for such a little amount of money. Coming upon affordable food and clothes is almost impossible, nothing seems to be affordable anymore. This depression has really taken a toll on everyone. Nobody will sell anything for cheap but could you blame them? They have children to feed and take care of just like the rest of us. I didn't think it was possible but the worst has been brought out in the best of us, no idea what to do about their unemployment so they resort to theft just to put food on the table. I hate to say it but this truly seems like the end of the world.

We're all out of jobs, our kids are starting to ask questions but we have no answers. How do you tell your son or daughter that your family is so poor you can barely afford food?

As the days went on more and more took it upon themselves to end their lives. Suicide rates rose along with reports of malnutrition. Prostitution is also on the rise as desperate women hunt for ways to pay the bills. Doctor visits are only allowed in dire situations, never for a simple cough or sneeze. These days liquor has become on of my best friends, as I try to escape my reality.

Higher education remained out of reach for most Americans as the nation's universities saw their student bodies shrink during the first half of the decade.

Population increases day by day, as everyone tries so seek a better life. Mass migrations continue throughout the 1930s. Rural New England and upstate New York are losing so many citizens seeking opportunity elsewhere.The Dust Bowl sent thousands of "okies" and "arkies", natives from Oklahoma and Arkansas, looking to make a better life.

Over 600,000 people were caught hitching rides on trains during the Great Depression. Many times offenders went unpunished.

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