why are you glued to the gadgets? divert your CHILD'S attention

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Clash Royale- a game to promote the mental ability of a child!


Captivated with great dreams, when imagination takes heights, and when the sky is the limit it is the best age Adolescence! The magic of love is all around, the lot of fascination, curiosity… life seems to be a fairy tale, a fantasy, and a complete melodrama. Every child grows up reading Percy Jackson, playing with gadgets dreaming about the fictional life and imagining themselves as one of the characters of the game downloaded from Google play! Although it’s the right age when an abstract thinking of these teenagers helps them setting some long-term goals for themselves. They learn to explore and try their hands on different things but in an innovative manner! An urge to prove themselves without the interference of parents is what they believe in! Being highly energetic they go through a hormonal turmoil in their body. At this point of time, despite the fact they retaliate, we parents should help them develop socially and divert their minds towards rationalist thinking! We must convince them to come out of their cave and interact.

Believing in your teenage child boosts his morale and prepare him for the life. Encouraging timely on every success they gain and discouraging them on every ill practice should go hand in hand. Sharing one of my life experiences that I recently had: - On the 11th birthday of my son we presented him a Samsung tablet thinking that he would indulge himself in reading articles and listening to some of his favourite numbers but his imagination ran crazy! He ended up downloading a few games from google play. Initially, it was okay, but then the addiction got on his minds. despite of the reminders and allocating time limit for tablet he sacrificed his outdoor play and got himself glued to the gadget. His social life went for a toss! Immediately after school, he would engross himself in fiddling and flick his fingers randomly on the game.

“Again playing Clash of Royale” this had become the patent dialogue of my husband.” Now we decided to make some strategies and present them before my son in a dramatic way! Coincidentally, in his informational computer technology class at school teacher started with HTML, which is the globally recognised programming language. This time we encouraged him to make a YouTube channel where he can explain the benefits of playing clash Royale game by creating his own web page, learning, coding, social media network and linking it up with HTML.As I previously emphasised this age is perfect for learning, he learned it in no time and created his own channel. It's not about the likes and dislikes or comments he gets but more important is to channelize the energy in the right direction. Open communication and regular discussions play a vital role in the development of an individual child. Sharing his video for reference. It may not be perfect, but for us, as a parent, it's an achievement!


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