Zeldrick A utopia like none other.

Welcome to zendikar. A utopia in need of help. It needs heroes. Not just any, those with the spark. Our motto is shoot for the stars( which are not hard to reach in some places). Our symbol/flag is a hedron.(see picture above) our vision is that all people have their purpose. especial in battle.

The rules/policy is shown below.

  • Once a child becomes of age, (15) they go through a trial by sorting
  • after the trial,(if completed) they are then sorted into a 'house'( house colors: red, blue, green,black,white)
  • you may attempted it again if failed
  • Family are not assigned
  • there is no max for the amount of kids in the families
  • If a child has something called the spark, they are given special treatment to enhance it
  • jobs are chosen but are limited to where they were sorted
  • if its cold, slimy, and moving don't touch it
  • don't cut your grass
  • do no harm to nature
  • Those that posses the pulse are leaders of their house.

The location of this utopia is a land separated from the rest do to the unnatural life forms they have. essentially it is a warped landscape that literally is alive. due to the fact that some idiot scientist had fun with fertilizer.

The daily schedule would be as folows

  • 8:00 go to work/school
  • 10:00 train
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 13:00 to work/class
  • 14:00 go home
  • 17:00 dinner
  • 16:00-22:00 free period
  • 22:00 go to sleep

The government is sectioned into six branches. Those branches are governed by those with the pulse. the pulse lets them harness powers unreachable to most other people. the powers are spread out the houses. the sixth being colorless. the government just keeps people in check

This utopia is infected if you will, by an large plague that physically has to be destroyed. and its not small it's larger than the dinosaurs. but are easily defeated. as long as you show no fear.

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