A year in review Powerhouse 2018

Hello... we're back!

We thought we would create a newsletter to help us stay in touch ... a lot of our Powerhouse family live across the globe, and we would love to hear from you! Do read through our experiences this year and let us know your thoughts. You can write to us at powerhousechurch@gmail.com.

Keeping it Relevant

Kids and Parents football time!
Our football team that won second place in the Inter-Church tournament
One of the many badminton games during the week

Powerhouse speaks out

Reaching out

A program at Women's Christian Hostel with a visiting team
Leading a chapel service at WCC
In March, Camp Canaan helped us conduct a children's camp - Camp 'Away', where the kids invited their friends as well. This was a great way for our youth (who were volunteers) and the kids to have a chance to spend time with each other, and learning about nature and God through different activities over a weekend in Mahabalipuram.
We had a Christmas BBQ in December, where we invited friends and neighbours (on ECR) to party with us :) Here you see the clean-up team with a few friends.

6th Cross Shenanigans

Something we are really thankful for, is the new P.A. system that we were able to raise funds and buy this year. With the great system, we were able to host a concert and invite many friends to.

Camp 'Centered'

One highlight this year was the camp that was held in Kodaikanal - where we meditated on living Gospel Centered lives.
Our 'Sermon on the mount'
The view that wasn't :p
Early morning trek!

Keeping it Real

Here are a few of the topics we studied this year. The book of Luke took us 9 MONTHS, but we were able to finally complete it! We studied the 'Gospel Centered Life' series in our homegroups, and have completed that as well.

We also had 'Scripture Sculpture' classes, where a few of us studied the book 'Preparing expository Sermons' by Dr. Ramesh Richard, among other things. This class took us around 2 months to complete.

Relating to each other

Our regular monthly /weekly meet-ups continue. Here you see a few of the 'Psaltines' (Girls' group)
On every first Friday of the month, we have 'Fervent' which is a worship experience. Here, we met at the beach to express our worship to God in a different way.
Our 'Table Sundays' happen every now and then - a great way to discuss the Scriptures together on a Sunday morning.
Our kids are our future and we are so grateful to Joyce for her constant leadership for our children's church.

End of the year

As we reached the end of the year, we had fun doing our 'Carol Rounds', visiting people - but one very exciting project we had was our 'Rose Cookie Christmas' original song - written by our very own church members! Do have a look at the video and let us know your thoughts

Being Responsible

Something that was important for us to do this year was to re-structure ourselves a little bit, as we released Kavitha & Jeyakaran (our founding pastors) to step forward in the ministry that they are being called to. They are still very much a part of church and the leadership, but may not be as hands-on as before.

We have an eldership team(decides on matters such as doctrines, vision, church discipline etc.), a ministry team (planning events etc.), as well as functional teams (practical planning) and leaders.

Looking ahead

We look forward to this new year with excitement! This year we are introducing short term ministry internship programmes to build and equip people to understand their role in the church and be effective disciples of Jesus. Age and gender no bar ! We also plan to have a structured learning forum for our present and future leaders - where we can do intensive courses on relevant and radical teaching - based completely on the Bible.

We have some exciting new ideas and plans for outreaches, etc for the coming year, and can't wait to share them with you. Please do stay connected as we update you throughout the year. We miss all of you who have moved to other cities and countries! We would love to stay in touch with you - you will always be a part of Powerhouse.

We wish you a blessed New Year!


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