Worst Disaster of the 2000s MiA FonTana

The twin towers

On September 11, 2001 two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. The planes were hijacked by the terrorist group called Al Qaeda with their leader Osama bin Laden.

This tragedy resulted in the complete distruction of the twin towers and in the death of almost 3000 people

This act of terrorism is the worst Disaster to of happened in the 2000s because of the repercussions and wars the followed

Al queda is a muslim terrorist organization centered in Afganistán

After 9/11 the US declared war on Afganistán and this lead to a war that still has not ended yet. 149,000 people have died so far in Afganistán and Pakistan due to this war.

Originally only 3000 people died in a terrorist attack, however this death count increased dramatically when US declared war on Afghanistan. 50 times that amount of people have died due to this war. This proves as one of the worst disasters in the 2000s because of the terrible war that followed this event

TSA Airport Lines

Another reason 911 was the worst disaster of the 2000s was because of the creation of the patriot act. The patriot act consisted of a higher security in airports. The TSA was formed and now in every airport in the US you have to go in the struggle of taking off your shoes off, putting your back through a scanner, and other weird requirements in order to get on your flight.

There is not one person on that enjoy this experience. Therefore, the results of 911 name it as one of the worst disasters of the 2000s because if it had not happened no one would not have to suffer through airport security

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