Madame C.J. Walker A famous women inventor

1. Madam C.J Walker's real name was Sarah Breedlove.

2.She was born on Dec/23/1867 in Delta Louisiana on a cotton plantation.

3. Madam C.J Walker was an inventor, entrepreneur and first female African American millionaire.

4.Her parents were Owen and Minerva

5.Her parents were once slaves, and had 6 children

1. As her wealth grew, Walker donated generously to African American causes.

2.She also took pride in employing thousands of "hair culturists," female customers who helped sell her products.

3.Walker experimented with homemade treatments and eventually created a formula that she called "Madame C.J. Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower."

4. she traveled around the country promoting her hair care tips and products to African American women.

5.Walker made a fortune on her specialized beauty product line for African American women.


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