SPARKLES A poem to michelle

Things that sparkle say come and play / But not unless you plan to stay / They shimmer light like diamond raindrops / Sprinkled freely into tiny airdrops

If one could eavesdrop / And pay more attention / You would hear sparkles twinkle / A grandiose reception

Each spark a new note / In a musical arrangement / Each burst a new song / A triumphant engagement

They're always so happy / They whistle a tune / It's from such free spirit / That fireworks bloom

But look even closer and there you will see / The sparkles that fire come in groups of three / Two dance a sweet ballad / To the same song and tune / And then take turns sharing / With the third darling too

It's fireworks and music and lightning and dance / Streaming gallantly from one single glance / And as I step back from becoming entranced / I suddenly see what had me enchants

It was not the sparkles of diamonds that flittered / It was that I stumbled to see her eyes glitter / And dancing and singing and sparkling within her / Were three of the most sparkly of all little critters

Created By
Edward Antonio

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