Bernice Mifsud Photography

My name is Bernice Mifsud. I'm a senior at Saline High School. As of right now, I feel as though I don't quite have an established style as a photographer, yet. One thing I know i\I want to accomplish is to give my photos emotion and depth. I hope to explore many different styles and themes this year and find one that suits me best so that I can be my most creative self through my photography journey.

Distance The prompt for this shoot was pretty ambiguous, but still very limiting. I think I went for a more obvious option along with the prompt, which was just taking a photo that depicted the length from the foreground to the background. I used the paved path as a line to guide the viewer's eyes to the back of the photo.
Dramatic Portrait It's relatively hard to achieve a really good dramatically lit portrait outside of studio setting. For this shoot, I had to use natural side lighting from a window and a cinder block wall as a back drop. I chose to desaturate the image as there weren't any popping colors and I think that it adds a little bit more drama to the photo.
Natural vs. Unnatural For this shoot, I found an old mirror and frame in my house and decided to take it out on a photo walk with my friend. We were in the city of Adrian which had a lot of trees as well as abandoned factory-esque buildings. At one point we found a frozen patch of water near one of the buildings and my friend accidentally dropped and shattered the mirror on the ice. I think this photo set also has an Urban Decay feel to it, which I like.
Story Telling This shoot was very difficult for me to plan and execute. I wanted to be able to use people in my story telling shoot, but finding models in the middle of a global pandemic is hard. My two friends who volunteered weren't able to take off their masks so I just decided to incorporate it into the story.
Choice Shoot Number Two: Fall Colors (Top Left: ISO- 100, Aperture- f/5.6, Shutter Speed- 1/320 Top Right: ISO- 100, Aperture- f/5.6, Shutter Speed- 1/160 Bottom Left: ISO- 100, Aperture- f/5.6, Shutter Speed- 1/160 Bottom Right: ISO- 100, Aperture- f/16, Shutter Speed- 1/60) For this shoot I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone, I normally don't enjoy shooting nature because I feel like I don't have as much creative freedom. So I went out to my backyard and shot some leaves, trees, and my turkey. Overall, I'm pretty proud of this shoot, I love the colors I was able to capture. Especially for the top left and bottom right pictures, which I used the HDR method for.
Choice Shoot Number One (ISO- 200, Aperture- f/5.6,Shutter Speed- 1/40) For this shoot I wanted to have a fall/halloween vibe. I scattered small halloween decorations among the leaves around her head to help give the background some spice.
Self Portrait (Left: ISO- 1600, Aperture- f/4.0, Shutter Speed- 1/50 RightISO- 1600, Aperture- f/3.5, Shutter Speed- 1/50) I hate taking self portraits with a passion, so I wanted to make as little of my face visible as possible. I still wanted to have a creative and dramatic shoot so I wrapped Christmas lights around my face which made for an interesting lighting.
Humane Society Shoot ISO- 160, Aperture- f5.6, Shutter speed- 1/100 sec. The assignment was to take a photo to showcase good photography sing one word. My word was "story," which I think I accomplished by showing that the dog in the photo has his own story.
ISO- 100, Aperture- f/5.6, Shutter speed- 1/400 sec.
ISO- 1600, Aperture- f/5.6, Shutter Speed- 1/125 sec. For this assignment, the theme was street photography. So, I headed out to downtown Ann Arbor with Reide, and we found an alleyway full of graffiti and started taking pictures. If I were to retake this picture, I would have brought Reide further from the wall to put a little more emphasis on him rather than the wall.
ISO- 800, Aperture- f/5.6, Shutter Speed- 1/50. For this assignment, we were supposed to create studio-esque head shots. I wish I had a little more time on this, but my model had to get back to chemistry. If I were to re-do this assignment, I would have brought my model further from the back drop and lowered the aperture to really have blurred the background.
Natural vs. Unnatural
Compositional Point
HDR I took these phots in downtown Ann Arbor on a pretty gloomy and foggy day, close to sun down. I appreciate them more as a set because they reflect not only the dreariness of the day, but also the over all feel of downtown at night
Bulb ISO- 400, Aperture- f/22, Shutter Speed- 10 sec (left photo) ISO- 400, Aperture- f/36, Shutter Speed- 13 sec (right photo). I took this photo set in downtown Chelsea, Mi. It was raining and really cold, but I sat out on a street corner and shot into Zou Zou's café, hoping to not just catch the lights of cars passing, but also the movement inside the actual café.
Coffee pt. I
Coffee pt. II
Assumptions ISO- 800, Aperture- f/5.0, Shutter Speed- 1/200 sec