Andre Adolphe Eugene Disderi 28 March 1819 - 4 October 1889

In 1854 Andre opened the largest photograph studio in paris at the time.Disderi married Genevieve-Elisabeth in 1843 and the family moved to the French town Brest to open his first photographic studio. They moved to Paris in 1853 where he opened another photographic studio with money lent to him by a friend.Andre patented the small-format carte-de-visite '' Visiting card" .This small format was created by a multi lens camera that was printed on one photographic plate.The novelty quickly spread throughout the world. According to a German visitor, Disdéri's studio became "the Temple of Photography " . Everyday he would sells three to four thousand francs worth of portraits.

His studio became famous when Napoleon III brought his soliders outside Andre’s studio,this created enough publicity to get his studio blooming.The studio ended up having 90 staff and a policy of 48 hour delivery for costumers photographs.

Contact sheets is the recent version of Andres Visiting card..A contact sheet is a useful way of seeing which are the best images on a film so you can decide which ones to make enlargements from.Due to the invention of digital technology Contact Sheets have been revolutionised.Digitally its simply a matter of selecting the images that you want to include and then allowing the wizard to add them in place. These can then be printed out on any photo printer.

Disderi's Finished studios photographs.


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