The Little Mermaid By: Julia Golden

Once upon a time the daughter of King Triton, Ariel, was a very curious mermaid.

Everyday she would go to her hideout where she kept all of her gadgets and wished to walk with the humans.

Except for one day she met the witch of the sea, Ursula, and they made a deal that if Ariel gave up her voice completely, she could become human.

Because of that, she meets the prince she has been watching from the water when he comes by on his ship. They began to fall in love, even though she cannot speak, which makes it difficult to find out wat is right to do next.

Because of that, Ursula uses her powers to become human and sings with Ariels voice trapped in a necklace. The prince hears her signing as he was thinking about Ariel. Ursula being Vanessa, the prince and Vanessa plan to be married the following day.

Because of that Ariel went on the boat where they were getting married and her seagull friend stole the necklace that held her voice inside and Vanessa turned back to Ursula.

Until finally, King Triton grants Ariel with human legs and they got married right away.

And ever since then they lived happily ever after.

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