The Thief Lord By Corniela Funke

Welcome to the magical place of Venice. Where there is magic and mystery around every corner. The Thief Lord and his posse of orphans live in a worn down theater where two boys Prosper and his little brother Bo live with them. They look up to The Thief Lord who they think as the best thief in all of Venice, but looks can be deceiving. When the detective, Victor Getz, is on their tail, they try to elude him by disguising themselves to make sure that the detective doesn't catch them. But, their luck turns for the worse. The Thief Lord's true identity was revealed and the orphans don't know if they can trust him. Can they learn to trust him before the detective captures them? Or will they all end up in the orphanage and Bo be taken away from his brother? Find out in "The Thief Lord"!


Main characters: Scipio, Prosper, and Bo

Supporting characters: Hornet, Riccio (aka hedgehog) Mosca, Victor Getz and Signora Ida

Mosca (one on the left), hedgehog (in the middle), & Hornet on right
Victor Getz in disguise
Signora Ida Spavento

The villains...ish: Barbarossa, Mr. and Mrs.Hartlieb, and Conte.

Ernesto Barbarossa
Mr. and Mrs. Hartlieb

The magical merry-go-round!!!



Created with images by Moyan_Brenn - "Venice"

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