Songkran! By Jeein

"Do you like to splash and splosh to people, then your the one for songkran"!

What Do You Need?

Example of what you need

"Songkran usually happens in April 13th and it’s a big thai celebration. First, you need a water gun or a hose to shoot people with water, and you can buy it from many places. You can buy it at grocery stores or almost everywhere because it’s a thai tradition to have Songkran. You also can buy buckets to dump people with water and shoot water balloons to. You might also want to know which water gun shoots further, well the one I know is the d-i-y water gun so you can shoot water at people, but it might not be safe to shoot it to people because the water gun is hard, but you can shoot it on cars. You also would like to know if you need special clothing's and the answer is no, which is a good thing because you can wear any clothes, even swim suits."

why celebrate songkran?

About the legend of Thailand

"One of the reasons why Songkran is celebrated is because near on that day, it’s quite hot, so you can shoot or pour water on people to stay cool and have fun. Another reason why Songkran is celebrated is because, it’s also a new year for thai people, so they celebrate by pouring water and having fun. Before Songkran, you can also clean the house or wash the house, this way you can clean or chase the bad luck away, then you will have a good start for the year of Songkran. Another reason you should celebrate Songkran is because there was MONSOON, which is a strong wind and rain, which people needed because monsoon can fill rivers and seas so people have water. Years ago there were NAGAS, it’s similar to monsoon. Nagas brings rain and serpents and help farmers grow vegetables. In those other times there was a MIERT, it’s when people do kind things so they get spiritual rewards."

let's have fun!

People having fun in Songkran

"First let me ask you if you just came from a new country, well then you would want to have lot’s of fun. In order to have fun, young kids and adults can shoot water to cars and golf carts and peoples too. If you're a kid you would like to play water fights with friends, it’s really fun! If you’re an adult some young kids pour perfume water on adult hands to show respect. This day also requires to show kindness, laugh, dance, and bands around the parade. If you don’t mind getting wet, adults and children can get wet and play all day. If you want to dump water to people you have to tiptoe behind a person, then secretly dump the water in the person's shirt or on their head. You could do it if you want to, or you don’t have to do it."

I hope you will visit Thailand one day and enjoy playing in the laughters of Songkran"!!!


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