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The Holy Trinity parish church states that the great poet, William Shakespeare’s baptism was on April 26, 1564. Tradition required that newborns were to be baptised on the closest Sunday or holy day to their birthdate. William Shakespeare’s accepted birthday is April 26, 1564 because that is the only date that is documented.


Mary Arden, Shakespeare’s mother, came from a very well-off family and had eight children. His father was elected Bailiff or mayor, which was the highest civic honor a Stratford resident could acquire. Shakespeare went to Stratford Grammar School where he received all of his education. He began studying Greek and Latin at age seven.

Stratford Grammar School
Stratford Grammar School

Shakespeare worked for the London Theatre World from 1594 to 1608. Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Richard the Third and Romeo and Juliet were some of his most famous plays that were tragedies. He also wrote A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was a comedy. Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets were published in 1609. 126 of them were to a young noble man, and 26 of them were focused on a woman.

One of Shakespeare’s most well known plays explains the love story of two star-crossed lovers from feuding families. Romeo and Juliet is known for it’s astonishing mix of tragedy and comedy.

King Lear, a play wrapped in the intricacies of the human condition, follows Lear, the King of England, and his three daughters.

In Shakespeare’s longest play, Prince Hamlet learns that his father’s true murderer is his uncle, who took the throne, and Prince Hamlet’s mother as his queen.

Today there are many references to Shakespeare’s work, such as the Disney movie, Lion King. The plot of the Lion King and Hamlet share many similarities, like how Simba’s father is killed by Simba’s uncle in order to take over the pride.

Lion King II is also said to be based on Romeo and Juliet. Simba’s daughter falls in love with a descendant of Scar’s pride = star-crossed lovers from feuding families.

Ben Johnson
John Ward

No one really knows how William Shakespeare died but one of the many theories is that he, Drayton and Ben Johnson had a meeting and drank way too much and soon after that he died of the fever. This theory is based off of an entry in John Ward’s journal.Ward was the vicar of the Holy Trinity Chruch where Shakespeare was buried. There was a serious outbreak of Typhus the year of his death, 1616, which does lend credibility to Ward’s story.

Dr. John Hall

Another theory, produced by Dr. John Hall, Shakespeare’s physician and son-in-law, is that he died of a severe cerebral hemorrhage. Overall, William Shakespeare’s birth and death still remain surrounded by mystery.

Cerebral Hemorrhage

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