Photo 1: Canon EOS 700D: ISO 3200 f4.5 1/200
Photo 2: Canon EOS 700D: ISO 3200 f6.3 1/125

During this exercise, I have learnt how to create a softbox and discover the use and effect that a softbox could bring to a photo. I've learnt that the positions of lighting at three points has to be precise to dim the harshness of the lights and also avoid the reflection of lights on the perfume bottle. Also, it shows a vast difference between the results of the photos 1 and 2. Photo 1 that was taken with the built-in flash of the camera was overexposed and with a lot of reflected flashlights on the perfume bottle, while Photo 2 that was taken with the diffusion of lights from the softbox made it look beautiful and comfortable to look at.


taken by Shey Li Liew

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