The Use of Art and Music in Occupational Therapy When Working with Adolescents and Elderly by Jillian Bergstrom

Interview with Colleen Chavez

Works with children daily, has worked with elderly previously in school.

Uses art as a way to help children through tough therapy sessions.

Believes art "has a way of bringing cultures and people together".

Sees improvement in kids behavior towards therapy when she uses art; "When I let kids use art therapy methods, instead of not wanting to come to sessions, it becomes their favorite part of the day"

What was my research question?

"Does art therapy, coupled with occupational therapy, increase patient participation and results?"

What did I find?

According to findings done by molly bathje, the field of occupational therapy stemmed from the arts and crafts movement (bathje, 2012)

"early coursework in ot included training in specific craft mediums such as needlework, weaving, leatherwork, and book binding" (Bathje, 2012)

patients who are able to creatively express themselves had a sense of purpose, built social support, and gained a sense of self (Bathje, 2012)

Research is being conducted to show the cost benefits of arts in healthcare. This includes less frequent doctor visits and hospital stays (rollins et al., 2009)

So, what's next?

Along with the research being conducted, I feel as though research with patient happiness should also be conducted. This could be done by giving regular patient's surveys in regards to their therapy sessions prior to introducing art therapy. then after some time working with art therapy, give the same survey and see results.


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