The Game of Lacrosse Kevin poznar

The Game of Lacrosse

I chose this topic of The Game of Lacrosse because I play Lacrosse and I have a lot of interest in the sport. I enjoy playing Lacrosse and it is my favorite sport out of any that I play and I’ve only been playing it a couple of years. My end result was 58.3% of people said that they would rather not watch Lacrosse then watch Major League or College Lacrosse. I prefer to watch College. 50% of people said that the best College right now for Lacrosse and that is correct. 41.7% of people said the Iroquois created Lacrosse and that is also correct.

The end result was out of eight quiz questions about the game 7 of them were answered correctly by the people. The other two questions were opinion based and they were similar in numbers. I’m trying to prove to people that Lacrosse is interesting and it needs to become more popular in the world. I was trying to disprove that most people actually do know the game of Lacrosse and it isn’t that unheard of. The findings in my survey was that most people don’t like to watch Lacrosse, yet they know all the positions and how the game is played. This can show that people just don’t have enough interest in the game to watch it, but they know about it as much as any other sport.

I was surprised with the results because the last nine questions didn’t match up with first one. The first one was Do you like to watch College Lacrosse, Major League or neither? The response was that 7 out of 12 people said they would rather not watch any Lacrosse. Yet, those people answered most of those questions right, so they must know the game. I’m surprised because the people don’t watch Lacrosse, but they know about a lot for not watching it. This proves that the sport is still out there and it can become a top sport for kids to play and play at College of Major League

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