Katie Horton Physical Development Block 4

Fetus: This is me at 12 weeks. My head is huge because my brain is fully formed. Also, I finally could feel the uncomfortable pain of this fetal position. #getmeout
Newborn: Happy to be out of mom's belly. Able to see, hear, and recognize voices of those I heard while in the womb. About to gain 15 pounds this year. #bringonlife
Adolescence/Puberty(11 years old): Here is me experiencing the rough start to my middle school years. About to grow and undergo some body changes. Don't be fooled, after this pic I had an emotional storm.#peace #love #cute #girl #chillin
Adulthood: Finally an adult with many more years to come. Fully grown and about to start college and then achieve all of my goals.
Old Age: It's harder for me to recall info now.. but my Crystillized Intel is in its prime. Living the retired life on an island with my husband. #fitgranny

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