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Star Wars The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker 1/6th Scale by Hot Toys

I was so excited when I saw we will once again get another 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker figure. The end scene in The Force Awakens still gives me goosebumps no matter how many times I've watched it. Look at these first four photos of the box. Super stoked to do a review on Luke. Thank you Toy Arena for sponsoring and helping us get this fantastic figure.

I thought the hexagon shaped bases were a good hit. I guess I'm biased because I like the clean, organized look.
Well will you look at that! You get two bases with this. Great detail, brings to life that island look.
Hot Toys never fails with the hand options. I'm impressed with each individual robotic hand. It looks really good.
This was fresh out of the box. I have learned since then how to tinker with the robe a little.
The hood has a wire in it so you can pose it , I thought that was genius.
Again, mess around with the cloak. Its flexible so you can get different angles and shadow placement.
Not a bad looking figure right?
I enjoyed taking some pictures without and with the robe. You'll get to see them at the end of the review. Gives it a different feel to it.
Back view.
His head sculpt and face is so unique. It thought I would be limited in how I can pose him but in reality it ended up looking more realistic. Two thumbs up!
His robe has a magnetic parts which I used because it was windy. Its that part resting on his shoulders. I also found that if you don't want to use it, the robe stays on pretty well in a still pose.
Look at that beard!
Luke has always been on a journey. With these photos, I was trying to capture what it would of been like for him to travel to his hideout.
Don't worry, he didn't get dirty.
I've always felt he carries a heavy burden. His face says it all.
Can't have Luke without R2-D2
When you get Luke make sure to pick up R2-D2 as well. They go hand in hand so well.

Rating Score 4.7 out of 5. How can I start to explain this score. Head sculpt is just perfect. Those who do toy photography are going to love it. Articulation, paint application and the Jedi robe were all fantastic. Literally, its like having a 1/6th scale Mark Hamill Luke in your home. I highly recommend picking him up.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on these figures or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

Hot Toys

Scarlet witch


Hot Toys Avengers: Age of ultron mms 301

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The box is an art piece of its own and should never be tossed to the side. Scarlet Witch's box is just another testament to this idea.

Although it can't be seen in the above images very well there is an awesome texture to the box itself. Its not just a plain flat cardboard box. If you run your fingers over the large "A" that makes up the Avengers logo, you can feel the lines that go vertical, as well the logo that is placed in the middle has a very cool shiny effect that glimmers in the light. You get the classic Scarlet Witch head dress as a logo on the side of the box that pays homage to the original character itself. Now that I have drooled over the box lets move onto the figure.


Like all the 12 inch tall Hot Toys figures, they come with a stand in some way. Scarlet Witch comes with an amazing stand that has a nameplate in the front. Another cool feature about the stand is that if you continue on with the Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron series, they will all have the same matching base on top with the Avengers "A" logo and as well a design that is reminiscent to Ultron and his armor. What is also very cool is within the circle of the "A" you will notice that it shows a characteristic that is only known for Scarlet herself and that being her magic. Each figure will have some sort of design that is single to that character.

Hot Toys is all about detail and they put out all the stops when it comes to accessories. One great example are the necklaces that hang around Scarlet's neck. It's amazing to think how well they do on the details that are so tiny. You can even tell up close in person that the larger necklace has some sort of coin attached to it.

The heart of Ultron. This is a very fun feature that I don't think was needed for the figure, however I love the fact that they included it with Scarlet. Towards the very end of the movie Scarlet Witch confronts Ultron and tares out his heart. Its really fun to play out this part of the movie with a pose.

I don't want to go on forever about how awesome these hands are, however they are unbelievably amazing. I love that Hot Toys gives you a sizable amount of hands to interchange. Not only do they have amazing detail down to every ring she wears in the movie, they also have the coolest effect from her knuckles to her fingertips. The fingers become translucent the closer they are to the end of her fingers and looks as if she is powering up her magic.

Glowing fingertips isn't enough for Hot Toys. They have to go above and beyond and add plastic see through pieces of magic that attach to her hands, just in case you want to add a little more touch to her when she is on display.

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Red means dead. don't cross the scarlet witch.

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Check out the detail in her clothing. Its crazy how Hot Toys Collectibles does their best to match everything on her outfit, even down to the stitching of the Jacket. I once read an interview by one of the designers that works for Hot Toys and he said that they are constantly pushing the boundaries to get thinner material so that the clothing looks like it fits and falls right on the body.

Her boots are crazy fun. They look exactly how they do in the movie. What is really fun about these boots is that they look like they have been worn for some time and have gathered dirt in all the creases.

Not very often does a Hot Toys figure come with hair like Scarlet Witch. Most hair is sculpted and is hard plastic. But every once in a while you will get hair that appears to be real strands. This is always an added bonus in my book because you can play around a lot with the hair and even pose it how you want. I have seen people wet the hair with all types of liquid or even place gel in the hair so they can get it in the exact pose they want.

Overall I think this is an amazing figure that doesn't get all the credit it deserves. She is one of the coolest super heroes in the latest Marvel super hero movie cinematic universe with some powers to boot. If you don't already have this figure in your collection you need to now. She is almost sold out at Sideshow Collectibles. Click here: Scarlet Witch to order her now before she is gone. You won't want to pay the skyrocket prices that will become of her when she is in the second hand market. Overall I think she deserves a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The sculpt of the figure is spot on to the actress Elizabeth Olsen. Her clothing looks exactly the same way it does in the movie. No need to give her weapons as accessories because she is the weapon herself. One thing I would like to see is the ability to pose her better without a stand. To be honest it is just a real nit picky concern of mine because I do sometimes like to pose the figures without their stands to take photos, and she was a little more difficult to pose without it, probably due to the design of her ankle posts and their ability to be posed. But when all my figures go on the shelf they have to have their stand. Because the stands are just as much part of the figure as anything else.

Once again click here

to order your Scarlet Witch before she is sold out


Jakks Pacific Big-Figs Star Wars The Last Jedi

Kylo Ren


Good old grumpy Kylo Ren. One of my favorite characters in this new trilogy. So conflicted but dedicated to becoming more powerful. He's really an unstoppable force and seems to be becoming stronger with time. He has a new suit, some slight changes but we get a closer look with this figure.

I like the no hood look already.
OK, like wow! The helmet sculpt is perfect.
Cape has Velcro for easy attachment/detachment
Hand can rotate for different angles when holding his lightsaber
You can remove the lightsaber blades so its just the hilt.
Exceptional detail.
I like that he basically has two outfits with a simple removal of his cape.

Rating Score 4.5 out of 5. This figure was crafted so well. It truly embodies Kylo Ren's character. It just emanates dark side, its fantastic. The helmet sculpt is so accurate and has great paint application. I'm really looking forward to The Last Jedi and all the figures that Jakks Pacific make for it. Once again a big thank you to them for sending us these figures to review.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on these figures or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

Elite Praetorian Guard


As the Last Jedi film approaches our growing anticipation to know what the fate will be for many of our characters is unbearable. The day is almost here but who are these shinny red samurai looking troopers. They're Supreme Leader Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guards. We know there are more than one but we have the pleasure of reviewing one sent straight from Jakks Pacific.

First look at this guy and I'm like, yep. Awesomeness!
I love how shinny and red it is.
The armor is impressive in its design.
Good call on the fabric, gives it a nice touch.
It's well balanced that it stands on its own well.
Back view
Those arms look rad!
Has black pants and I thought the red boots looked really good.
You can pose with a double wielding
Don't get crossed with this guy, lol.
Blades can come apart.

Rating Score 4.3 out of 5. The paint application is spot on or should I say super clean. Gives it that supreme power look that we all love. Fabric was a nice touch which allows it to move better. Can't expect too much articulation from this but it sure does display well. My nephew liked it so much that after seeing this, he had to be it for Halloween. Thank you again Jakks Pacific.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on these figures or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

Rey (Jedi Training)


Rey in her new outfit, called "Jedi Training" according to all the recently released toys of her. I think its really exciting to see her begin this training. Even without it, she was able to take on Kylo Ren so I can't imagine how more skilled she will be after spending some time with Luke Skywalker.

18" inches tall with 7 points of articulation.
Paint application is great.
Sculpt of the body and head look really good.
Upper portion of Rey has no fabric.
Great balance and the hands can rotate to hold the light saber at different angles.
I really like the fabric draping over.
Great design on the holster. Downside there is no NN-14 blaster pistol included.
This was a good idea, having the hilt come off.
A little battle scene. Not bad right?

Rating Score 4.3 out of 5. Rey is well built and has great paint application. Huge improvement from The Force Awakens version. The fabric is a plus and the removable hilt as well. Just wish that she came with a blaster if she is going to have a holster. The holster is really neat though, well designed. Using a mix of plastic and soft goods is great idea. They do well for those who like to do toy photography. Very durable for those planning on getting these for your children. I would highly recommend Big-Figs anytime.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on these figures or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

The Last Jedi - First Order Storm Trooper


What is more iconic than a Jakks Big-Fig? Collector or child, we all love them. I have all the Rogue One figures and my nephews/nieces enjoy playing with them when they visit. We owe a big thank you to Jakks Pacific for sending Towering Toys the new The Last Jedi Big-Figs. These were recently released on Force Friday II (09/01/17). Make sure to visit our friends at www.jakks.com or follow them on Instagram @jakkstoys .

18" inches tall with 7 points of articulation.
Storm trooper can hold his rifle on any of his hands.
I've always thought these troopers have cool utility belts.
I don't mind the new grill. They look like they mean serious business.
Jakks always makes amazing helmets for their Big-Figs.
Love the little details they put in the black portions of the helmet.
If you have the previous The Force Awakens rifle, it works too. My nephew had him double wielding, ha!
You can holster the rifle.

Rating Score 4.2 out of 5. It has all the qualities and looks of what a storm trooper should be. I like the new design of the helmet's grill. Great for displaying and durable. Trust me, my nephews have tested that. Some minor missed paint application and scuffs but like I always say, its battle damaged. Such an enjoyable figure. Really looking forward to what else will be released.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on these figures or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

Stay tuned as we will be reviewing the rest of the crew. These are so awesome!

Lego 75188 Resistance Bomber

Star Wars The Last Jedi

5 mini figures and 780 Lego Pieces to boot

One of the coolest aspects of the Resistance Bomber would have to be all the parts that open up and let you see inside. You can tell that Lego really spent a lot of time designing this piece so that parts of the ship could open up, yet still keep its true form.

Side view of the Bomber lets us see what parts open up to reveal the innards of the cockpit as well as what appears to be an aisle way between the cockpit to the back gunner position.

Its quite nice to see that there is still much room for more mini-figures in the craft. Sometimes a lego set will not leave much room for anything other than the one mini figure that it is intended for.

I am positive that the spots where I have positioned the blaster rifles were not intended to hold them. However these spots do hold the weapons well and secure so that whether you are putting this bomber on display or playing with it, your weapons will not jingle throughout the ship.

The addition of the backpacks is quite charming considering that Lego could have just left those walls barren without anything to help adorn the space. Vice Admiral Holdo sits on a rotating chair so that she can move around the interior of the bomber.

The Cockpit

Space for two. However if you are going to fill all the necessary spots to man the battle stations you will notice that Lego came up short on this set. In the set you are given 5 mini figures with 3 mini figures in pilot flight suits, Poe, and the Admiral. You of course need to fill the gunner positions which there are two. Poe needs to be in the top bubble. Which leaves the pilot chair for the pilot. Most positions are filled up. We have Vice Admiral Holdo in her position that is within the main space of the fuselage. With these spots filled the only spot that is left open is the bomber seat. You would think that this being a Resistance "Bomber," you would need someone to man the bombing station. This is why I think Lego came up short.

The computer circuit board is really amazing. Lego keeps getting better and better when it comes to cockpits and the way they look. You are given extra pieces just so you can see the computers inside which surround the pilot like you would imagine in a real vessel.

These were really fun to see in the design of the Resistance Bomber by Lucas film. Form the gunner pods to the narrow fuselage, this spacecraft screams WWII bomber aircrafts. The gunner pods can swivel 360 degrees however only one of the pods moves up and down.

Clear Lego pieces are used to re-create the gunner pods. The pods almost are surrounded completely by clear pieces to give you a great inside look of the gunner inside.

The sides of the pods open to allow you to remove the mini-figure. However while putting them back in you will need to open both sides so that you can use one hand to place the figure and another to push down so the legs connect on the seat.

Each pod is equipped with a targeting computer. Because what would a gunner position be without a targeting system. These require skill to put in because unlike the other computer pieces these are put on with stickers. Lego stickers can be frustrating because adults have bigger fingers that are hard to use when placing such a small sticker in a spot that is so small, and children perhaps will put the sticker on incorrectly or on an angle which can make the piece look bad. Another sad thing about Lego stickers is that once you put them on you have to be happy with them. This is said because if you try to take the sticker off and re-position it the sticker will not look or stick right. You only get one shot at it.

The attention to detail is amazing when it comes to the intake and exhaust pipes for part of the boosters on the bomber.

It's amazing how Lego can take some of the most odd pieces and make engines look real even though when Lego first designed those pieces they were never intended to be engines in the first place.

The Orange colored pieces really give the spaceship some contrast up against the blueish gray color. It's really fun that they look like the thrusters burning on the back of the spacecraft.

Resistance Bombardier

It's really cool that Lego brought back the original flight helmets for the bombardier in this set. Overall He has some fantastic paint deco on him that show all kinds of details. The Helmet itself is even covered in paint apps. The Bomber Resistance must be pulling some crazy G's in space because all mini figures in a flight suit are fitted with a reverse head that has a WWII'esk air mask.

Lego won't scam you either when it comes to the back of the mini figure. You have a very cool paint deco on the back as well. Not sure if it was intended, but if you leave the air mask side of the head facing towards the back you can see that it makes it look like it is part of the helmet. You know how some helmets in the military have a little strap or something to help keep the helmets secure on your head? Well, it looks and appears to be doing the same thing.

Resistance Gunner Paige

its quite peculiar that this gunner is given an actual name. Not only does she appear to be a mini figure, but she has also been made into a 3.75 inch figure by Hasbro (Click link to purchase from HasbroToyShop.com

Will Paige play a major role or character in the new upcoming Star Wars film: The Last Jedi? I suppose we will have to wait and see. However it is odd that she gets her own designation in this set and not the pilot or bombardier.

Resistance Bomber Pilot

Its very cool that Paige and the pilot have different air masks compared to the bombardier. This gives the feel that this is a true scrapped together resistance and that they don't have all the credits in the galaxy to have the nicest things. Like the Rebels in the original films you get a feel that everything the Resistance uses are sort of hand me downs. Nothing really matches or is in unison. They take whatever they can get to battle the enemy.

The helmets are really cool with a great design in shape. They appear to be the same helmets used in The Force Awakens which is nice to see since The Last Jedi takes place directly after the ending of The Force Awakens.

Poe Dameron

Poe is looking like a scruffy looking nerf herder. No worries Lego was able to keep his 5 O'clock shadow for the mini figure head.

Poe even comes with a reversible head to show that he isn't always so serious. Maybe he does have a funny bone in him after all.

Not Sure once again if this was intended by Lego, but you know how when you get a freshly cut haircut? You know how they buzz the back of your neck and around the sides on the back? Well, if you look closely at the mini figure and the back of his head you can see that Poe's beard has an extra use. Its all in the details when it comes to Lego

Vice Admiral Holdo

Vice Admira Holdo as well comes with another revolving head print that shows some teeth. Maybe this is her speaking face? Either way its nice that Lego is giving multiple prints on heads these days. It really adds to the Play and display factor quite nicely.

Looking at the back print of Holdo I was reminded by the Vanity Fair Magazine and their exclusive photo op with some of the characters from The Last Jedi. I am kind of excited to see more about Holdo and her character.

Just thought I would add that in there for you.

If you are all about displaying your Lego set and not playing with them, there are a lot of fun ways you can positions the figures to create a story with them.

Time to hop in and take off. We have a huge space battle to join.

Pre-Flight check is always important. Make sure all systems are a go, especially the hyperdrive. For some reason Han Solo always forgot to check that.

Bombs are loaded, systems check. We are good to go.

Overall I feel like this is a very fun set. It took me roughly 2 hours to build. Some might say that that is too long or super slow of me. However I do like to take my time and have fun while I build the set. I feel like half the fun of a Lego set is building it. So the time it takes to build it didn't bother me at all. The price for this Lego Set is $110.00 US Dollars with free shipping from the Lego Store Click link to purchase. There are 780 Lego pieces total in the set which is including the mini figures that make up at least 4 pieces each. Each mini figure is fitted with some kind of blaster or weapon which is awesome. I love that Lego did not use their dumb weapons that flick out the little red pieces. I feel like the weapons are much better when they don't have cheap gimmicks like those.

I felt like there were a lot of unnecessary pieces in the set that probably drove up the price of the set. The average cost of each piece in the set is .14 cents each which is pretty high if you compare to the lego stores that charge only .10 cents a piece. However there appeared to be some new pieces that I have never seen that as well might bring up the cost of the set since they will need to cover the costs of the design and manufacturing of the newer pieces. You look at a set like The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon that sells consistently for $119.00 in all major retail stores, you just might feel like you are getting ripped off on this set. Especially because the Millennium Falcon set number 75105 has a total of 1,329 pieces compare to the Resistance Bomber set that has 780 pieces. The Millennium Falcon has a SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of $150.00 but I haven't seen her sell for that price for a couple years now.

This is a great set and has some wonderful nostalgia aspects to it. Overall the rating I would give it is 4 out of 5 stars probably because I feel like it is missing another mini figure so that all positions are manned. Also for the price being higher than what I feel is necessary. As well I feel like there are a lot of pieces that were not needed that were added to the set for reasons unknown.

Click images below to enlarge and see the full image


Hasbro The Last Jedi 3.75-Inch Action Figures

Chewbacca with Porg


Looks like Chewbacca picked up a little buddy. The Porgs have taken favor in the young ones that's for sure, all the kids are going to want some. Cute little birds or as some of my friends say "cyborg penguin".

This is a cool pack because you get two figures.
Ha, look how small that porg is next to Chewie.
His right arm is angled so that he can hold the Bowcaster better.
His body has a groove were the strap of the satchel fits. This way it doesn't rotate or spin out of place.
Chewbacca's head doesn't really move. Sculpt is decent and the paint application not bad.
Bowcaster comes in 3 parts.

Chewbaccas's Rating Score 4 out of 5. True to character and love that it comes with the extra Porg. The angled right arm for better placement of the Bowcaster was a neat idea. His mobility is very limited. Not just because its a 5poa but his bulky size restricts its full motion. Its one that will look great for display and it stands well.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on these figures or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

Rey (Jedi Training) and Elite Praetorian Guard Pack


There is so much hype over Rey and her role in The Last Jedi. I'm very excited to watch her grow and hopefully master the Force. In the trailer we see her training with Luke, that part gave me goosebumps. These Elite Praetorian Guards also have my attention. This is one out of 4 or 5 different ones. Praetorian Guards were a special forces unit in the Roman Army that protected leaders. "Hint, hint my friends".

I like the packaging because it shows all the gear and you get two characters, noice!
This pack comes with the extra battle gear add on. The Force Awakens single 3.75-inch figures had them but as far as I've seen The Last Jedi single packs don't have them this time.
Sorry, I don't know what this weapon is called but take a look.
I do like that backpack.
Honestly, to me this is filler. I would be fine without it. The kids love it though, so that's good. I've seen my nephews mix and match the ones from The Force Awakens.

I noticed you can see some paint spots but that's because my camera is zoomed in. In hand you can barely see any of those marks.

This is by far the best figure for The Last Jedi 3.75-inch. It's fantastic! I like the different parts to its coloring and the sculpt is awesome.
The staff can be worn across her body and it fits well.
Great detail was put into this figure. The hair, boots and robe are painted with realistic colors.
Love the holster, it looks like leather. The pistol fits snugged.
She comes with a lightsaber!
Quick draw!
How can these guards see? I guess we'll find out.
This bladed staff is pretty neat.
I think this is a fun idea. Something familiar but new. If we are patient we will understand better their role and learn why they look like this.
Head doesn't tilt back but it can rotate.
Staff can become two weapons. Darth Maul style right?
I want to get all of them if they make them. It will be a sweet squad. Loving the red paint and the sculpt is steady. This stands so easily.
They have black pants. Look at those boots, those are cool. What do the kids say now a days, "What are those"?
Guard is a little taller than Rey.
Rey vs Elite Praetorian Guard

Rey (Jedi Training) Single Pack

Rey also comes in a single pack. Everything is the same, just no extra battle gear attachment.

Elite Praetorian Guard Rating Score 4 out of 5. Somewhat more limited in its range of motion compared to the other 3.75-inch figures. Not sure if I like the legs being part of the plastic robe. Minor things because it displays really well. The red armor looks bright and clean.

I rated Rey based on her single pack because I'm not a fan of the extra battle gear. Didn't want that affecting her score, especially since it's such a great figure. Rating Score 4.7 out of 5. The way she is sculpted gives her a little give. It looks pretty natural which is nice. The paint application is on point, beautiful work. All the accessories are fantastic. This is an awesome 3.75-inch Rey. Get her in a single or in a double pack. You won't be disappointed, trust me.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on these figures or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

First Order Storm Trooper


What would Star Wars be without our Storm Troopers? They are the back bone of the Galactic Empire. This is one of those toys you have to buy multiples of. They are for army builders and kids alike. I was really interested to see if they made any changes from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi Storm Troopers and I think they did. Nothing wrong with that, it was done in the originals. Looking forward to see them in action.

Yep! These are awesome, going to have to get a couple of these. I wonder what the audio is for these Storm Troopers? I'm glad Hasbro removed the battle pack gear from this line.
I'm kind of bias because I love Storm Troopers but honestly this is really well made. There was so many different kinds for The Force Awakens. Just give me a trooper and his blaster and I'm set.
2015 The Force Awakens
2015 The Force Awakens
2015 The Force Awakens
One of my favorite things about this scale is their sculpt and balance. They can stand so easily without stands.
This one had a random paint speck on its back but I doubt all of them do. Regardless, the paint application is a lot better this time. Don't see wonky angles. It needs a little work on it's cleanliness. I'll just say its battle damage right?
Pouch on its left side with another on its back. Helmet looks great and the utility belt.
It has a little insert were you can attach or detach the pistol. Great aesthetic look for posing. Trooper comes with 2 weapons, can't complain about that. Who doesn't want more firepower?
Left is 3.75-inch Black Series from The Force Awakens. There is a difference in the helmet shape. Longer and sharper grill. Not bad in my opinion.
Left is 3.75-inch Black Series from The Force Awakens.
Left is 3.75-inch Black Series from The Force Awakens. The new helmet appears to be a little bigger.

Rating Score 4.4 out of 5. The sculpt and figure balance is great. Glad they got rid of the extra battle gear in the packs. Wish it was just a little cleaner in the paint application but I understand the difficulty since its only two colors. I just stands out easier. Fantastic figure, now I've got to get out and go find some more.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on this figure or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

Poe Dameron


Poe Dameron is one of my favorite characters. He's quick on his feet and never gives up. He's a hard core X-Wing pilot that's for sure. In the Last Jedi trailer we see him run and cover from a huge explosion, wonder what that's all about? I hope the First Order didn't blow up his X-Wing again.

The no "The Last Jedi' title is kind of disappointing but the packaging still looks cool with the big "STAR WARS' in red. Can't wait to get my hands on a Force Link so I can hear what he says.
Poe must be a hard character to sculpt his face right. It looks a lot better from The Force Awakens but just not there yet. The sculpt of the figure is perfect, no complaints there.
2015 3.75-inch The Force Awakens
Look at the difference. The paint application and detail is so much better this time. The clear visor on the helmet is a huge plus. Especially since this line is somewhat minimal, it looks great.
2015 3.75-inch The Force Awakens
It perfectly embodies the resistance pilot. The paint and detail on the helmet is my favorite improvement.
The pilots jump suits have always looked good on screen. X-Wing pilots in general are one of the favorites. Vest is detailed on the back, way to be consistent.
This looks like a real hostler. On the previous edition it was more basic. A lot more accuracy was put into this one.
Gloves can rotate on both arms.
Palm of the hand is facing upward. This will be great for those who like to change poses around.
Poe Dameron with Paige. I hear they are a team? I know, so many questions and no answers. It's killing me too.

Rating Score 4.08 out of 5. The body sculpt, helmet and paint application is on point. That clear visor is great for displaying Poe with his helmet on. Card like always has beautiful art. It's just that it quit doesn't completely look like him when it comes to the face. Makes it difficult to enjoy if it doesn't look like the character .

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on this figure or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

They really look cool together, this was fun to shoot.

Paige Resistance Gunner


Paige played by Veronica Ngo, is Rose Tico’s sister. According to Vanity Fair’s Star Wars issue, Paige will be a Resistance Gunner who is trained by the one and only Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac our best Resistance Pilot. This is all we know about her but I know we are excited to learn each character’s roles in The Last Jedi.

Great packaging, well use of their space. Interesting to see there is no "The Last Jedi" title on there. The Force Link feature is neat. Each character has a chip at the bottom of their foot. When using the Force Link apparatus it will play its audio file.

Though limited in articulation, obviously since it's a 5poa figure it has a fantastic sculpt. The head and facial features are well shaped. They are getting so good with these small figures.

Paint application is decent. Some missed spots on the neck and other parts but nothing to major. The jump suit and gloves/boots is awesome. Check out that sweet mask, it clips onto the helmet. Paint detail on the helmet is great, love those different colors.
Accessories include a pistol, attachable mask and helmet.
I think the cap was a good idea to put it as part of the head. Makes it easier for the helmet to fit properly. Who knows, maybe she wears it like that in the movie. We'll find out soon.
Pictures make the suit look orange sometimes but its more of a brown. Some nice detail there on the back of the suit.

Rating Score 4.35 out of 5. Sculpt was great. Paint application could use improvements on some parts. Accessories are fantastic and the packaging size is neat.

Please enjoy these photos. If you have any questions on this figure or our rating system. Please contact us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. @toweringtoys or @starwars_trooperguy

San Diego Comic Con

Season of the Con

Its that time of year again where all major toy companies start to release all the information they can about their toy exclusives. One of the first to release information about their exclusives is Diamond Comics/ Diamond Retailers. It almost seems disappointing at most to look at their exclusives. They are doing a huge push for their exclusive toy line which is called "Vinimates" These almost seem like their way of competing against Funko and their pop vinyl line. I feel like Funko has already got their foot in the door and taken control of sales in this area. Its almost impossible for anyone to come in this late in the game to compete. But it seems that Diamond wants to try. The only thing that Diamond has going for them is that they are basing these figures off of their previous exclusive toy line called "mini mates" which are drastically smaller but heavily articulated which is the complete opposite to these new Vinimates. However like Funko Pop Vinyl figures the only articulation you see in the figures are the heads. I am sure this helps drive down cost and lends to the ability to add better paint applications. That being said lets look at what we have coming up for the San Diego Comic Con Exclusives from Diamond Comics and their Vinimates line below, and you can be the judge.

click images below to enlarge

Vinimate Exclusives from Diamond Comics for SDCC 2017

First off in the exclusive line is from the Ghostbusters movie. You get both "Burn Victim" Stay Puft, and the glow in the dark Slimer. After that next in line is Robby from Forbidden planet carrying his iconic blaster. If any of these sell or even sell out I think it will be the next one. I feel like Mr. Iron Giant might not be the most iconic, however the most liked out of the 5 figures in the group. And the last of the five is Dark Tower Monster. Who is excited for the new Dark Tower Movie? Oh that would be me.

click images below to enlarge

Diamond thinks if they give us 2 variants at the same time we will buy them both. I don't think this is the case at all. I have never been in love with these busts that they sell either. I am a huge fan of Batman: The Animated Series, however I feel like they are taking this bust line a little too far and its getting out of control. They are losing the idea and concept of what Batman TAS really is. These are very boring and I will see these go on discount everywhere.

Recast with new paint scheme

Diamond along with other major companies are notorious for slapping a new paint scheme on a statue or figure and calling it a variant for exclusive sake. This is the case for Diamond and their upcoming statues for San Diego Comic Con. Both Deadpool and Iron Man are recast PVC statues that aren't even that great in the first place. And now all they have done is made them worse.

click image to see the full image below

Harley Quinn

Fan Favorite

Diamond is releasing yet another Harley Quinn figure statue as an exclusive this year. This one is a very different design from last year. Harley Quinn has become a fan favorite over the years due to what I believe was the creative minds of Amanda Conner and her husband Jimmy Palmiotti. They have changed the way we look at Harley Quinn. She no longer cowers behind the Joker, but has set off on her own missions to create a name for herself. This is a fun Statue of Harley Quinn, however I am not sure how well it will sell due to the fact that it is not as much of a well know costume for her. Lets just hope that after looking over Diamond's exclusive list that this is not a preview for the exclusives to come in the future of all the other major companies that have yet to release their exclusive information. For any questions or comments please let us know at:


Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary 6-Inch Wave 2

Here's a little a flash back for some of you. The classics!

It's amazing that it has been 40 years since the release of A New Hope. Star Wars has made it into the hearts of many people. This year (2017) Hasbro teamed with Disney and Lucasfilm to celebrate with fans by bringing us back the Vintage look to our modern 6 inch figures. We'll be looking at wave 2 in this review. Wave 2: C-3PO, Storm Trooper, Chewbacca, Jawa, Sand People and Death Squad Commander


"Thank the Maker"

C-3PO is spot on. Honestly I've never seen a bad droid from Hasbro. They make great desk toys for the office.

I really like the detail of the wires and cables. If you look at the markings on the legs it matches the image on its right. Nice work there.


"Move along, move along"

Perfection! I love these troopers, they have always been a fan favorite. Now you can display them in this beautifully made card. Can I just say that 40th anniversary stamp is just amazing.

Now its your chance to army build once more! Paint application looks great. Love the blue stripes on the helmet. I never noticed they had the "No stripes trooper" on the card. Thought that was pretty cool.

That DLT-20A Medium Blaster Rifle looks deadly.



This walking carpet is so cool. I like how tall they made him. Also you've got to have the bowcaster.

Considering its very difficult to replicate fur with plastic, it looks great. I'd love to display this in its card, it truly embodies that vintage look.



Yes! I'm going to need like 5 of these. Look at that great detail. Its even articulated.

They eyes look like they are glowing and that Ionization Blaster makes me want to open my R2-D2 and replicate that scene.

Detail on the robe is well done. Nice weathering at the bottom. It's what you would expect if you spent all your days in the sand. Don't think Anakin would approve though.

Sand People

They really knocked this one out of the park. Anytime you get real cloth on a figure it takes it to a whole new level.

That head sculpt looks awesome. I can imagine it would be a difficult one to make but it looks great.

I'm going to enjoy all the parts this comes with for the rifle. Great job on this Hasbro.

Death Squad Commander

More Dark Side troopers to the 6 inch line. This has so much potential for those who like to do custom work.

The helmet is removable and he has a holster. Yep, going to have to have multiple of these too.

That DH-17 blaster pistol included. Well articulated legs, which will be great for posing.

These are such great figures, no disappointment here. If you want to create a display with these, they're perfect for the task. You plan on army building with Troopers, Jawa, Sand People or Squad Commander they are perfect for that too. I know I will be. For any questions please email us at: Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com

Star Wars

The Empire strikes back

Hot Toys: 1/6 Scale Princess Leia

Disney and Lucasfilm are kicking off with their next big collectible with Princess Leia in her iconic winter Hoth jumpsuit. Princess Leia was announced during Star Wars Celebration in the month of April by Hot Toys Collectibles who always seems to get the likeness spot on when JC Hong and So Young, Lee at Hot Toys are behind the wheel. This team have worked on multiple figures for Hot Toys Collectibles and have never let the fans down. I am positive that they will not let us down this go around. Star Wars fans alike have all united to explain how excited they are for this figure.

Since the Passing of Carrie Fisher this past December in 2016 it feels like every Princess Leia collectible will be cherished even more. Its even more special that they are announcing the Prince Leia collectible figure during Star Wars' 40th Anniversary. So lets just go over everything we are getting with this figure and why it makes it so great.

Princess Lei's Iconic Snow Jumpsuit

I Think we can all agree that the artists have captured every detail to her Princess Leia's outfit while she was stationed on Hoth. It always amazes me that when I see these figures, especially this Leia. There is so much more to her costume that I never noticed. For example I never noticed the mechanical piece on her left wrist that is most likely a com link that is similarly used by Commander Skywalker at the beginning of the film.

Thigh padding on the legs

They might not be so profound in Princess Leia's outfit in the movie but the more photos I look at of her in the Hoth outfit I see that she does have the extra thigh padding that I never noticed before. I think that it might be more noticeable on the figure only because it is much harder to find a material that is thin enough that doesn't show up as much in person as it does on a figure. This is always a complication that toy designers deal with when working with real cloth. Even though it is more noticeable on the figure, in my opinion it still looks amazing to say the least.


Blaster Pistol

I am really excited to see Hot Toys include a different blaster into their arsenal of 1/6 scale weapons. I am so used to seeing DL-44 with almost every Hot Toys figure (now I know that is an exaggeration) I truly feel that its about time we get a new blaster. Hot Toys is well known for getting every detail on every item. I expect them to do the same when it comes to the DH-17 blaster. We might not have ever seen Princess Leia wield a DH-17 ever in any of the movies, however it is nice that they are giving us something extra to go with our figure to make the posing that much more fun.

click images below to enlarge

Mynock Mask

This is probably one of my most favorite scenes in The Empire Strikes Back. I am so glad hat Hot Toys decided to include the mynock mask as an accessory for the figure. I know that if I am going to pose Leia, it will be with this mask. The only question is. Will I have to purchase 2 more of these off of EVILbay so I can put them on my Han Solo and Chewbacca to recreate the scene, or does this mean there is a chance that we will get a new Han Solo figure in his Empire cloths? I only hope that we will get another Chewbacca and Han Solo. I am sure those that missed out on getting the first Han Solo and Chewbacca duo would agree that they want another duo pack, and maybe we can get them in DX style so that we get the PERS system. Who knows, maybe we will get lucky.

I am very happy with this figure and all that she comes with. She is loaded with amazing accessories that any normal plain action figure wouldn't come with. Hot toys has once again spoiled us by giving us a figure we can truly enjoy and be proud to display in our homes. make sure you pick up your Hot Toys princess leia at www.sideshowtoy.com before she sells out.

We hope you enjoyed our recap on the Star Wars Princess Leia Hot Toys 1/6 scale collectible figure. For any further questions make sure you please email us at Sales.ToweringToys@gmail.com

Walkers on Scarif by Matt "Captain Kaos"

We love the work that Matt "Captain Kaos" puts in his photographs. You can tell that he really plans out his photos to ensure that each scene fits perfectly with the subject piece. It's not easy to shoot toy photography, however Captain Kaos really makes it look that way. We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with Captain Kaos and are excited to do projects with him in the future. He gives us so much inspiration through his work. We hope that all photographers can see his work and learn new ways to think outside of the box and become great like him.

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon

Hot Toys 1/6 scale Action Figure Review

Hot Toys Rocket Racoon 1/6th Scale

Artist Credit: JC. Hong (Head Art Direction), Viva Lai (Head Sculpt), Lok Ho (Head Paint)

Three (3) pairs of interchangeable palms including: - One (1) pair of relaxed palms -One (1) pair of fists - One (1) pair of palms for holding rifle - One (1) orange and dark grey space suit -One (1) rifle. Figure stand with Rocket nameplate and the movie logo.

It's hard not to be biased but Rocket is my favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm very pleased with this figure. What more can you ask from this deadly rodent. He stands at approximately 16 cm tall fully loaded and ready for action. The material and detail on his suit is on point. It's like they literally took it from the movie and shrunk it to 1/6th scale. It has over 17 points of articulation which I've been enjoying too much. Great for posing.

Here's some close ups. If you ever get the chance to obtain one of these, you won't be disappointed. Click the button to purchase while in stock.

By far my favorite pose right here!
The whiskers are so realistic, be gentle though. I don't mess around with them.
The rifle puts into perspective how crazy deadly this little guy is. He seriously packs some heat!
Every detail accounted for, the suit is amazing.

Right side view

This is a really close shot and you can tell how much detail there is in the fabric and stitching.

Back view

Rifle is light, which was necessary because it would probably tip him over too easily. The paint application is perfect, it has that metallic, weathered look.

Rocket Raccoon: Quit smiling, ya idiot, you're supposed to be professional.

Hope you enjoyed this review/unboxing and the photos! For additional questions email me at: Sales.Toweringtoys@gmail.com

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