Laurie halse anderson's "speak" By: Malachi Dunlap

In the story Speak, there is a girl named Melinda who is struggling in school due to depression. Everybody used to love her and everybody used to be her friend. Until the "party" came about, everything went sideways!

It was a night to remember, a nightMARE to remember! Melinda was invited to a party one night before the school year. A little get together, to catch things up with everybody over the summer, but not for Melinda. Yes, the party was stunning with lights and activities for everyone, but Melinda was invited by a guy named Andy Evans to go outside and "talk".

Melinda followed Andy outside and he put his hand around her waist. "I thought that was a little rude, but my tongue was thick with beer and I couldn't figure out how to tell him to slow down" (Anderson 134). Melinda had been raped and she had been beaten and blood dripped from her lip. She couldn't tell anyone what happened, not a soul.

The only way she could get away from thinking about that night and her depression, was art class. She loved everything about it, even the teacher Mr. Freeman. Her assignment for the year was to paint a tree, a glowing, artistic tree, bursting with colors. She loved art class! "Art follows lunch, like dream follows nightmare" (Anderson 9).

Each day, it felt like it was getting worse by the minute. People kept blaming it on her that the party was ruined on that night, but what she couldn't tell them stood frozen in your mind. She continuously thought about it, every day, every minute! It was etched in her mind like ice. Frozen until forgotten on the counter and melts away. She bit her lip constantly to keep her lips sealed. Just one day was it too much!

She soon felt to tell the truth on behind why she dialed 911. She started with her old friend Rachelle, and then it splurted out into the whole school. Melinda felt good about it and soon started making a lot more friends and felt better about school and her life period. " I ride like I have wings. I am not tired. I don't think I'll ever have to sleep again" (Anderson 190). This book will tell you how to live your life to the fullest, to let your emotions out and spread em with the world, and to not let some things bring you down.....even in hard cases, like Melinda's. Speak out!!!!


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