Questions About Ecosystems by: allison arnett

How are living things connected? Well living things are connected by the things they eat or who they eat. One example is, Lions eat Deer witch eats plants and plants get food from the sun and the Sun is all mighty.

Lions, Deer, Plants, Sun

so basically animals are connected by food chains and food webs. Or if you prefer they are connected by predators and prey.

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All of the information is from theme reader chapter two.

The second question is: what would happen if there are changes in an ecosystem

Well if there are changes in an ecosystem then one thing might not get enough food and go extinct and then the thing that eats that wont get enough food and then everything will go extinct and then only plants will still be here. So everything needs to be balanced. And then everything is already balanced and figured out. So just leave the ecosystems that you see alone.

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all information is from theme reader chapter two.

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