Why Did ISIS Start? By: Claire Mcbride

ISIS is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world today, a group of people who use violence to achieve a goal. Imagine millions of soldiers carrying flags and guns, marching into your city. Everybody has at least heard of ISIS, but what really is ISIS? Who leads ISIS? And, what does ISIS want? Nobody knows the perfect exact answer, but there are some ideas.

What Is ISIS?

ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq Al-Sham. ISIS is a terrorist group that has killed many people in a certain religion. ISIS can be described as a right wing terrorist group, or a group that is trying to replace the government with a nationalist group. ISIS emerged from a group in 1999, but they technically became a terrorist group in 2003 when the United States invaded Iraq. The United States invaded Iraq because they believed that if they took down the dictator Saddam Hussein that terrorism ,the use of violence to achieve of goal, would go down. But they were wrong. Since the United States invaded ISIS’s homeland, could that be why ISIS became a terrorist group?

Who Is ISIS Lead By?

ISIS is lead by a man named Baghdadi. Baghdadi’s real name is Hisham Mohammad. He was once held in an United States prison camp, but then broke free and escaped. He became the leader of ISIS in 2013 and is still the current leader. Since Baghdadi was held in an United States prison camp, could this be why he joined ISIS? Nobody will be exactly sure why he joined ISIS, but this could be a reason. This means that Baghdadi could’ve joined ISIS because he was mad at the United States. As stated by Baghdadi’s ex wife Saga al-Dulmaimi "How he then became Emir of the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world is a mystery to me." This is telling us that even his ex wife d

Did You Know?

In 2011, the United States offered reward of 10 thousand dollars if Baghdadi was found!

Why Did ISIS Start?

Since ISIS is a terrorist group, and we know that terrorist groups normally start from injustice, we can kind of figure out ISIS started because they felt unjust about something. But what did ISIS feel unjust about? Well, as stated by Quora.com “ Their mission is to establish Islam as the supreme form of government for all muslims throughout the world.” This tells us that they feel the muslims throughout the world are being treated unfairly and they are trying to do something about it. Is this really a good reason for treating everyone else badly? Nobody knows, but maybe they thought it was.


ISIS, the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, is lead by a man named Baghdadi. They feel muslims are being treated unfairly, so they’re trying to create a supreme form of government for all muslims. Is this a fair reason to become a very dangerous terrorist group? Nobody is completely sure, but everyone has their own opinion.

Did You Know?

ISIS has control over a chunk of land from central Syria to central Iraq!


Terrorist group

  • A group of people who use violence to achieve a main goal.


  • Violence being used to achieve a goal.


  • A muslim title (mainly Arabic) used for rulers or military director or chief.

Right Wing

  • A phrase used to describe a terrorist group that is trying to replace the government with a nationalist.


  • A person who wants independence for a country.


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