Angola By: Luke Johnson

Angola is my country that I am going to tell you about. I picked this country because it is very oil- rich and big and simple country.

Angola mountains

Angola city

Angola coast

A. Location

Angola is a wet and dry country. It's experiences rainy and dry seasons. It's relative location is in Africa and near Zambia, Namibia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo and those are the countries that border it. Angola is located on Africa. Some of Angolas interesting landforms is that the Congo and Zambezi river flows through it and has 900 miles of coastline. Angola is next to the Atlantic Ocean. And it has the most expensive city in the world Luanda.

Angola capital


Capital city

Angolas capital is Luanda and is 8.8400° S, 13.2894° E.

Country's that surround it

Congo river
Zambezi river

B. Place

Well first Oil makes up 90% of their exports but diamonds and iron ore are some other resources. Some of their cultural groups are Ovimbundu, Mbundu, Bakongo, and Lunda-Chokwe are the main cultural groups. Angola's population is overwhelmingly Christian. About three-fifths of the population is Roman Catholic, about one-tenth is Protestant, and the remainder is to traditional beliefs or other religions. Angolans love to party and celebrate about music and religion. Some of their traditions are lubango festival, muxima pilgrimage, sumbe music festival , and Luanda Island Feast.

Lunda- Choke
Iron ore
Roman Catholic Church in Angola
Lubango festival
Luanda island feast
Sumbe music festival
3 government facts

C. Human - Environment Interaction

The 3 main crops that grow there are maize, tobacco, and sisal. The 3 mains jobs are a operations manager , store manager, and head of intermarcas. 3 most endangered species are the black oystercatcher, the mahogany, and the pear wood. Some of the environmental problems in Angola,a are soil erosion, and desertification because of them cutting down trees. The solution is to cut down less trees.


Operations manager
Store manager
Head of intermarcas
African black oystercatcher

D. Region

Education in Angola has four years of compulsory, free primary education which begins at age seven, and secondary education which begins at age eleven, lasting eight years. The population in Angola is 21.47 million people and the density is 20.07. The area in square miles is 481,400 square miles . And the per capital GDP is 6955.96 USD . The life expectancy for males and females is 51.46 years. And its literacy rate is 82% males and 60.7% females .




E. Movement

Goods that are exported are crude oil, petroleum products, diamonds, fish, fish products, coffee, sisal, cotton, lumber. The flag symbol is said to be inspired by the hammer and sickle, and represents industrial and agricultural workers. On 10 November the Portuguese left Angola. Cuban-MPLA forces defeated South African-FNLA forces, maintaining control over Luanda. On 11 November Neto declared the independence of the People's Republic of Angola. That was the Angolan War. Well Angola has pretty much a lot of what we have here but we have more. And this is the most expensive city in the world. So the most popular way of transportation is railway . But there is also cars and buses.

Angola flag
Angolan war and independence
Angolan technology
Angolan technology
Angola technology
And buses

F. 2 current events that have happened this year or last

Well on Friday February 10, 2017 More than a dozen fans killed in stampede at Angolan football match.

Angola stampede

The on May 10th , 2016 a infectious diease called yellow plague broke out and spreader across the world.

Yellow plague

G. Travel brochure

I think that people should go on vacation here because first it is the most expensive city in the world and it has a beautiful scenery of the ocean.

Angola beach
Unique rocks

H. Doy of the Life

Here's a video to explain a day to day life in Angola


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