A. Brafford Post impressionist landscape

"Starry Night" Vincent Van Gogh-1889

Write why you chose this painting and artist to study.

The reason why I chose this painting is that it is a very famous painting and all throughout my life I have seen and discussed this painting in every art class I have ever been in. The way that the artwork moves your eyes to me is very interesting.

Write what the artist hoped to accomplish by painting in this specific style.

Van Gogh used his paintings to express his feelings. I believe that Van Gogh drew a night scene, which was out of the norm at the time, because he had very dark, depressing feelings.

Write the title of painting, full name of the artist, the year it was painted

"Starry Night" By: Vincent Van Gogh-1889

Write what tools the artist used: shape of paint brush, palette knife, etc.

Van Gogh was known for his very thick paint strokes called impasto. He primarily used oil based paints. His tools were brushes and palette knives for the most part.

Write what the subject matter of the painting is:

The subject matter of this painting is a landscape. Van Gogh painted a night scene around a mountain.


Created with images by Monica Arellano-Ongpin - "Van Gogh, Olive trees" • vpvasquez8 - "Starry Night"

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