How does Nigeria celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a time for family members that come together and have fun. People who live in the city travel to the village to be with parents or grandparents. Then on Christmas morning the people go to church to thank the gods. But people throw parties all the away to Christmas Eve.

Most people serve a turkey and some other meals like beef, goat, sheep, ram, chicken. Other serving yam, fried rice ,vegetable soup. Most of the cooking is done by the women form an extended family. Then they start cooking as so as they wake up in the morning.

The people of Nigeria celebrate Christmas with family to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Even if they don't believe he was born on the 25 of December. Christmas is the most celebrated season in Nigeria. With everyone gathering to celebrate the Yuletide season.

During Christmas time kids expect a new cloth "Christmas cloth" from their parents. Kids do not use money for presents bet for firecrackers. Then the children go around the neighborhood getting presents.T

Their is a celebration for almost every family, where they would go to the fair,amusement parks, beaches, or street carnivals. They do this but on Christmas day.

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