Building Character "Turning Two" Athletics to Help Build Character

Athletes learn to trust themselves. They take charge and do not hesitate. They also stay determined and pick themselves up after being knocked down.

These children grow to become future leaders in their communities.

Athletics help to install discipline in the youth who play them.

Athletes train themselves to improve at what they do, and teach themselves to be disciplined, which will help them later in life.

Sports help to develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Athletics allow children to meet and to know people that they will grow up and spend much of their time with.

Sports bring children together and help to build a sense of teamwork

Teamwork will be useful in future vocations, where the athlete will need to work well with others.

Athletics teach children the value of sportsmanship, and how to represent themselves well while respecting the other team or opponent.

Athletics help children develop characteristics that are necessary to be successful.

Children need to be involved in athletics so that they are prepared for their future life.


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