Tectonic Plate Boundaries By: Lawrence Lawford (Shameless self promotion :P)

This is a divergent boundary. Diverergent boundaries push away from each other making new land. They form the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the East Pacific Ridge. They can create major earthquakes that can send tsunamis to land and mess building up. This created the tsunami that hit japan in 2011 on march 6th friday. The boundary can create tension stress.

This is a transform Boundary. Transform boundaries slide against one another. They can create faults and major earth quakes. This fault is the san Andreas fault. While this fault is inactive so it happens to snap like Mr.Snapp then a major earthquake can happen which will really leave California cities in ruins. In April 18 5:18 AM 1906, an earthquake created the fault.

This is a convergent Boundary (Oceanic To Content) They can form volcanos and Mountain ranges. Or volcano ranges even. Seattle lies on one of the convergent boundaries. While this may not effect us in our life time the pacific ocean is getting smaller which creates pangea. This probally wont effect us while the homo sapiens are around. This caused Mt. Fuji to erupt in 1707 and it spewed as far as edo.

This is a convergent boundary but its all continental. When the to plates collide they make giant mountain ranges. They also thicken the crust. The himalayas are a perfect example of this.

Divergent content to content creates volcanos. This creates Yellowstone's nation park volcano. While this isn't red alert yet the Italian super volcano is showing signs of erupting again. This could prevent crops from growing or block parts of Europe in a smoky ash.


Created with images by Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Iceland" • tonynetone - "World's Most Famous Fault" • pmlbird - "PML Convergent Boundary" • Freetibetxxx - "IMG_0351" • NOAA Photo Library - "nur04501" This was made for my science class. PKM

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