Petrology, Mineralogy and Tectonics

Hi! We are a group of four students from Portugal. We are in our last secondary year and some of us are still not sure what will study next year. We think this project is gratifying and is a good opportunity to live new experiences and broad our horizons.

The members:

Hey there, my name is Ana Vicente. I'm 17 years old . I love to travel since nothing is more enriching than living new realitys and experiences, just like this project that will give the acces to new things.
Hi, my name is Lucas Go... wait for it...mide (Gomide) and I'm 17 years old. I play football in the local team and I love to hang out with my friends and to play the guitar.
Hi, my name is Luísa Freitas. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Portugal. I would like to join the Army. I really like sports, and when I don't have nothing to do, I go to the gym or I run outside.
Hi, my name is Patrícia, I'm 18 years old. I'm a very active person and I love sports. So, I look forward to join this project to keep myself busy and interact with people.


In October, our teacher informed us about this project and we chose the groups and the theme we prefered best.

During October: we started by thinking what kind of presentations would fit better our public and our goals. We came up with different ideas and activities like quizes or experiments in order to make our subject more appealing. Then, we imagined how our space would be. We have already some ideas but they can change anytime since we are not sure yet.

Brainstorming: we thought about some ideas and discussed them.

November: this month we started to search for experiments, we learned and tested them, it was a bit difficult but we asked for help in Chemistry class. We thought that experiments would easily call up the attention of people despite their age, so we really worked hard doing this. We took a while but we chose some that would fit our theme. Each of us looked for them and chose one, so we had 4 experiments. However we found them inapropriated and one of them failed... We had to think about something else and we did.

The first 2 pictures show Patricia and Luísa searching for experiences as the other 2 images show Ana and Lucas in Chemistry class while we all had fun together experimenting them.

January: we decided to divide tasks since we dedicated this month to information, curiosities and learning the best and no boring way to teach our public about the "rocks". Ana searched information about the rock cycle, Patricia searched about tectonics, Lucas looked for interesting images and schematics that would decorate our space and also support our speech while Luísa gathered and organized all the information we collected as weel as she looked for fun curiosities to atract more people. Together, we found the best way to present it and make it interesting by sharing and discussing our opinions.

While working, Ana took the pictures.

February: that was a hard month. We had almost everything planned for the space we had discussed about and how our presentation would go. But some changes ocorred and our space had to be modified since some materials we needed weren't within our range, so we thought about reusing the material our school considered trash and make it as more flashy as possible. There was also another problem, we had to rethink and readjust everyting because our presentation had now to take 8 minutes and not the 10 we were previously informed.

These are the boxes we are going to use.

March: this was definitely the rush month. We arranged all the details and we set up our presentation space. We built and painted 2 walls of cardboard boxes to make it look like rocks, we decorated it all with images and informations related to our theme to call people's attention. We had a lot of people coming to see our exhibition whose age were between 4 and 80 years old, we passed trough difficult times trying to reach and captivate everyone.

Our final balance was beyond positive. We learned even more about the "rocks". We made others rethink twice before thinking that our theme were just about the rocks they see. We found many different ways of reaching everyone although they all offered us different obstacles. This was really enriching while working together was really fun and productive. We really think we achieved our goal and we got even further. Thank you for this opportunity!

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