Cement Drop

It all started on a surprisingly warm winter day in the end of January when I decided to head out behind my house, or what is more commonly known as Behind Ice Cream Machine.

It had been about half an hour since I had gotten home from school and it was pretty warm for the time of year.

Trail after Cement Drop

I got on my bike and rode out to a small intersection of trail where about three or so different trails meet. This area is mostly known for having an interesting obstacle known mainly as Cement Drop. Cement Drop looks weird and scary at a few angles, because all it is is just a 10’ long 6” thick concrete slab with some wood and rocks underneath it for support. People even think that it could fall at any moment, which it can’t but I can see how people could think that. There is also a roll in or roller which is basically something to pick up speed on before going off the end of Cement Drop.

The Roller!

As you can imagine from my previous statement this is right behind my house, as is miles of bike trails, so you can guess that I go for a lot of bike rides. And you would also think that having something like Cement Drop right behind my house for the years I have been living there that I could do it whenever I wanted, well if you thought that you would be extremely mistaken. Almost every bike ride that I went on for the past year went right through that area. Every time I kept telling myself every time that I would finally do Cement drop and just get it over with but never did. Month’s of this and most of my friends started also started doing it , but I still couldn’t build up the strength to get it over with. This went on for months and I was starting to get mad at myself for not doing it. I had the strength, the power, and the skill to make it look easy but still couldn’t do it. I still don’t know what changed on that January day but I rode right out to Cement Drop and I was not going home until I was able to do it with no trouble at all. After about 15-20 minutes of debating with myself I had finally made my decision.

I set up my bike at the bottom of the Roller, and pedaled as hard as I could right up to the end… Pulled up and let the bike drop off the end.

I had finally done Cement Drop. After almost a year of Debating and I had finally done it.

But there was still a challenge. The “roller” was still an issue, and I actually just overcame that small challenge very recently. Nonetheless I was just as happy as I was when I did Cement Drop for the first time. After doing both of them what feels like dozens of times now, I think why didn’t I do this sooner it was so easy now.

And yet no matter how fun and how easy it is, right before you get that front wheel off the drop you always think to yourself what if I fall or mess up which is unlikely but it can happen. It’s the same situation with the roller because you're surrounded by rocks and debris, and one wrong turn and you're going over the bars and getting a face full of dirt.

Either way to this day Cement Drop still remains a challenge but I am still happy to say I can do it. This shows that any obstacle can be overcome if you put your mind to it.

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