Emotion Diana Omomehin

Diana Omomehin

Emotion In our EVERYDAY lives

Angela Zhang, Marco Symington, and Camilla Hagevik

WOK badge: Emotion

Journal Entries


what is the main point about your wok that you want to make in your badge project? Right now we are still undecided about what we want the main point of our presentation to be. I have not figured it out what I want to do yet but some ideas that I want to explore are: emotional contagion and the james lange theory. How do emotions affect out other ways of knowing? Emotions can basically shape our other WOK. For example, our emotions shape our sense perception. I learned emotions are revenant to our search of knowledge because it provides us with the energy to complete a task. For example the ten-year rule. The ted talk by Rana El Kaliouby was very enlightening. I have actually met her at a conference. She created the app called affectiva. After watching this it gave me a difference perspective -on emotion. Now our electronic devices are not only artificially intelligent, but also emotionally intelligent.



I am still very confused on what I am actually doing for this project. Emotion is general is just a very hard WOK. I think that we are going to do something on the James- Lange theorem. Some ideas that were passed around last class period was that we should like see if a change in your physical body will cause a change in your emotional state. An idea was to ask some of the seniors that are taking their mock exams to change their posture when they are writing their exam to see if it this theorem actually works. Another example was to ask the people to take drama. To see what type of things they do to make themselves less nervous. I think we should also ask our classmates to do this experiment.

Can/should we control our emotions?


We will ask the class to look at the activity at the beginning from the textbook pg 175 (30 Sec) Imagine as clearly as you can the following situation. You are about to sit an exam and you are feeling very nervous. Your mouth is dry, you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, the palms of your hands are sweaty, and you want to go to the washroom. Now remove each of these physical symptoms one by one. What is left of your exam nerves?

Video (4-5 min max)

HSM Clip

Mr. Polley, Ms. Oakes, Mrs. Rowe, Students

Do you get nervous or anxious before performing or speaking in front of others? How does being nervous affect your performance? How do you prepare yourself before a performance? What do you do to calm your body/muscles? How does calming yourself down affect your performance?Does physically calming down make you feel less nervous? The James-Lange theory says that emotions are reliant on bodily reactions. For example, palms sweating are the cause of nervousness. Do you agree with this? Demonstrating how physical aspects affect performing? Conclusions: Did we prove how James-Lange Theory works?

What did you learn today about your WOK2?

I learnt today the emotion is actually a very hard Way of Knowing to portray. It is very easy to get caught up in showing an example of emotion instead of showing how we get knowledge from emotion.

End of Class Journal

I am very prepared at this moment for my badge project because I have a plan. At the beginning of class today I did not know what my project was going to be based on. We have planned out everything for this badge project. We even have a prompt for what we are going to say in class instead of just going with the flow. Right now we still have a few things to do. We have to interview Miss Oaks, Mr Polley, and a few more theatre and dance students. We have to create a video for the show and tell. Then I have to complete my portfolio. This is everything that I have left to do.


“Study: What Was The Impact Of The Iconic Photo Of The Syrian Boy?” New York Times. Jan 13, 2017. After reading this article, I saw how emotion plays a major part in our lives. The six primary emotions(Essential Term), happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust, can affect everything. The article states that after the photo surfaced, that the number of people who searched up the word Syria and refugees increased tremendously. This is how emotions can affect us. We began to feel empathy.


I learned that emotion are not just feelings. Emotions can gives us energy to complete tasks. Emotions can also be an obstacle to knowledge; it can distort perception. I think the presentation went pretty well. We finished it under the 7 minutes mark. We first of all gave the class a scenario to think about that showed how we could change the way we feel by changing our bodily functions. Next we played the video. The video basically showed the interviews of the dance students and the interview of Mr Polley. We didn’t get to interview Ms. Oaks. There were only a few things that didn't go well. For example, the beginning was a bit rough. The class activity didn't go as planned. But, overall the project went as expected.

Knowledge Questions

Artificial Intelligence and Emotion - how will that help/hinder the way AI will behave and the decisions it makes? What applications are there to allowing AI to have and detect emotions?

Reliability of Emotion - to what extent are our emotions reliable means of obtaining knowledge?

Controlling Emotions - should we always be in control of our emotions? What limitations does this bring? Would controlling our emotions make it no longer a WOK?

Extension Proposal


I think that this should be added to the reflective reading because it gives a different point on view on our emotions. The article addresses the fact that emotions can also hinder knowledge. The article also gives examples of scenarios that show us that we should not trust our emotions. It talks about how emotions can distort and exaggerate our thoughts.

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