Peeta Mellark By Edhan Garcia 8-2C

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Quote or greeting

This should be relevant to your character. It can either be a quote from the story (“words of the wiser” quotes work well for this!) or it could be a famous quote that relates to your character.

Hi my name is Peeta Mallark. I live in district 12, the farthest district from the Capitol. I am a baker’s son. I met this girl called, Katniss, I I'm in love with her even though I don't really know her. I have been picked to for the 74th annual Hunger Games.

“I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. Me”.
Hunger Games

About me

This should be in paragraph form. Include background details about your character.

I am 16 years old and I am medium height. I live in with my mom and dad and 2 older brothers. I am a baker. I am a part of the Hunger Games. I got a score of 8 when I was practicing in front of the Gamemakers. like a girl named, Katniss, I also have mixed feelings for her too. She is also part of the Hunger Games and I don't know if I could kill her if I survive.

My Latest Blog Entry

Choose a defining moment or other important moment from your book and write a blog entry about it from your character’s perspective. This should not just be a summary of what happened! It needs to be a detailed description that captures your character’s voice and reflects their thoughts and emotions. This should be 1-3 paragraphs long.

“Run” I screamed “ Run!” Katniss looked confused and frightened when I yelled at her to run. She could barely get up. She stumbled when she started running. Then Katniss fell. Was the poison so powerful that she can barely walk. Then I saw Cato, I didn't know what to do. Do I fight or run? I instantly block Cato’s attack before it can harm me. He falls back. Then I see Katniss fall flat on her face but she was too far away for me to help her. I started running in the opposite direction from Katniss, so Cato follows me instead of her. But we all got stung by the tracker jackers and we could barely run. Soon Cato caught up to me, and stabs me. I was able to escape but I was losing blood fast. Soon one by one the careers started falling on the ground because of the poison. But I kept running. By the time I got to a pond I started feeling funny and the next thing I knew I fell on my back. And I camouflaged myself alongside a riverbank.

My Interests And Favorites

List skills, interests, and your character’s favorite things.

I like baking. I also have mixed feelings for a girl named Katniss. I don't like the Hunger Games

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