Nuclear Terror By: jordan neri

The first Nuclear attack in history!

The very first nuclear attack was when the United States dropped nuclear bombs, on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima andNagasaki, on Auguest 6th and August 9th.

The challenges of preventing these acts of terror!

Some of the challenges of preventing these attacks' are trying to secure the materials, how to detect these bombs or the materials they use, the emergency responce, cleanup and public eye communication.

What goes into making these Bombs?

There are two main ingredients to making these bombs, one is 10 kilograms of plutonium, and 10 kilograms of of highly enriched uranium. But since there is over 2 million kilograms of each in girding in the world today making a bomb is easier than ever.

How are the reactors are used? And how many are there?

Well the reactors are used for electrical power while many of them are used for rears have purposes.

What is MIT's fight to nuclear terror?

They have turned spinach plants in nuclear sensors that will then transmit information to a handheld device. Starano's lab even developed carbon nantubes to to de text a wide range of bombs that include, hydrogen peroxide, TNT, and even sarin.

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